All about Deities

This article will, of course, be about deities in the sense of how they work, how you can work with them, and many more

Everyone has their own idea of what a deity is and what it means to them, so this is me just offering my own perspective. As there is no limit to “God”, there is also no limit to the many truths many of us may have

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Hindu goddess Kali
Hindu goddess Kali

What is a Deity?

By textbook definition, a deity is a god or goddess in a polytheistic belief system. Many cultures follow a polytheistic system such as the ancient Egyptians, the Hindus, ancient Greece, etc.

Many Gods and Goddesses are associated with nature, or, you can say, are aspects of nature itself. Which is why there are solar deities, earth deities, rain deities, and so on. Essentially, people used these deities to aid them in their times of need, or to battle their adversaries

Some individuals may choose to  worship their own deities in order to build a relationship with them, and to use the deities’ power. I’m not going to look down upon other people’s decisions to work with these deities, because they’re doing what’s best for them

In my opinion, deities are different types of energies that people can use to help them in life’s upsets.They all reside within us, so there’s no need for us worship them, just as the Law of Correspondence states, “As above, so below..”


What deities can I use?

The short answer: Any

Ultimately, whatever deity that interests you, is most likely one that’s connected to you. This does not mean you can’t use other deities, only that its energy influences you and makes you who you are as a person

In a general sense, many deities with similar attributes are the same, but with different names. As the saying goes, “Energy doesn’t die, it transforms”, so essentially these energies transform to newer, fresher versions of themselves

Some cultures even call on their ancestors to aid them as well. They don’t see death as an end, but as a natural process of life and a gateway to higher realms of consciousness. So that means you can use any relatives or any friends that have ascended to help you out, especially since they know what its like to live a human life as opposed to these deities

Meditating monk
Meditating monk

How do I call on and use a Deities’ energy ?

There are many ways you can call on a deity to use its power. A simple way is to meditate on a deities’ symbols, repeat their mantra, or meditate with focus on said deity. Other pagan groups may disagree by saying you must go through their initiation process to use a specific deities’ energy, but, that’s not true unless you believe you need to

Offering food and pouring libations(your beverage of choice) to them is a very simple task to do . I highly suggest using this method for working with your ancestors and deities in order to establish a good relationship with these energies. Basically, you do them a favor, and they do you one back

Many Gods and Goddesses have different functions, you can’t expect a love deity to help you bring revenue to a business. So choose your God/Goddess that specialize in what you need to have done, and they will do their part in the spiritual, while you do yours in the physical. Don’t expect to not have to do your part when wanting results, that’ll be like you expecting the microwave to put  food in itself and setting its time. Its a joint effort on both ends


God particle
God particle

How do I find Deities connected to me?

Typically, you can break down your name and birthdate to a single number for each area of your life called your Life Path, Gift, Expression, and Soul Urge numbers. An excellent book to guide you with this, which is one I have in my collection, is called Deity Linkage Manual by S. Ali Myers

In this book, he walks you through calculating your numbers, and has lists of deities associated with those numbers. (And If you’d like, feel free to check out his website, which has plenty of information on different topics)

This is how you use numerology to find your deities, but, as I’ve said earlier, a God or Goddess that you find interesting may be a sign of that deity trying to catch your attention, and let you know it has a connection to you. Trust your intuition

Last Words
Last Words

Always be careful and do research on these deities before working with them. Repeating myself, these Gods and Goddesses never lived a human life, so you must be very specific with what you want them to do for you; which is why I suggest giving offerings to your ancestors

Thank you all for reading and stay tuned for the next one !

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