How Rituals Work

Hello, and welcome back, I’ve decided to write on this topic because a lot of people tend to attach some sort of bias against it without even knowing its basic definition

As for those who do know what a ritual is, perhaps this elaboration will give you more insight into its process on a basic level, and maybe help you perform your own even better

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Lets get right into it

What is a ritual?

Teeth being brushed
Teeth being brushed

What is a ritual?

Some of you may attach an “evil” stereotype to the word without understanding its textbook definition. A ritual can neither be defined as “evil” or “good” because its just a word used to describe an act(s) or process

Ritual- n. 1: the established form for a ceremony; 2: A: a ritual observance; B: a ceremonial act or action; C: an act or series of acts regularly repeated in a set precise manner

Using the definition from Webster, rituals can be seen as ceremonies such as Bar Mitzvahs, or, as simple as us brushing our teeth everyday

It is not the stereotypical movie or tv show type of ordeal, that’s a stereotype by design. If you look at Webster’s’ definition of stereotype, you would see that its also related to the word ritual, and, in itself is one

How does a ritual work?

Word, thoughts, vibrations, results
Word, thoughts, vibrations, results

If you notice, Sunday’s have a different energetic feel in comparison to any other day of the week. In my opinion at least

Energy travels wherever a persons intention is aimed at. So a regular gathering of people with the same focus will cause a shift in the energy

With that said, a ritual works based on a person’s belief in it. If you don’t believe something will work, it won’t. This goes hand in hand with the Hermetic Laws, especially the Law of Vibration

For a ritual to work, a person must not focus on how the results will fall into place. It takes time for things to line up and events to come together

As an example:

You want to grow a garden of flowers. You would plant the seeds in the dirt, and then water them. I’m also sure you wouldn’t take them out of the ground to see if anything has sprouted. That’s because it takes time

Having patience and confidence in knowing your ritual will work, makes the energy line up in your favor. However, depending on what you do a ritual for, it will take time

Don’t expect to be a millionaire overnight, but, you may get that lucky lottery ticket, or you may not. Be reasonable and honest with yourself

What are rituals you can do?

Ritual fire
Ritual Fire

First I want to say that what I do isn’t the end all or be all of rituals. The best ones are the ones you come up with yourself. Of course, there may be a voice in your head telling you you’re doing something wrong, but, there’s no wrong way to do a ritual you make up yourself

A lot of you already do rituals you may not have recognized before. Like grabbing a cup of coffee to start your day, or a morning jog, etc.

Doing rituals are easy if you make them easy, no need to make them overcomplicated. I’ll share with you a basic ritual format you can do, to set an example, and you can use this or come up with your own

Say you wanted to attract wealth:

  • Meditating on the type of life you would have, like going on nice vacations, buying that dream car, or even getting that brand new house is effective. You have to feel yourself already with wealth for the universe to attract it to you. Easy right?
  • Repeating positive affirmations daily such as, “I am wealthy”, or “I have unlimited financial abundance.” This works great with meditation as well. When you sleep, you can listen to a subliminal audio track that has wealth related affirmations, or record your own to listen to while you sleep. That way you program your subconscious with an abundance mindset and you get rid of that lack-of-abundance thinking
  • Lastly, using essential oils, incense, or giving offerings to deities that specialize in attracting wealth in addition with the steps above is a pretty simple ritual all in all.
Thanks for Reading!
Thanks for Reading!

Remember, feel free to create your own ways of doing rituals. This is an example of what you can do. A lot of rituals may work or may not. Keep trying different formulas and see what works for you

As always, thank you for reading

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  1. I really enjoyed this. Learned a lot about the negative conditioning of things that are pretty normal.

    1. VFB says:

      I’m glad I can do my best to help shed some light, thank you for reading !

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