How to use Altar Magick

My own makeshift altar
My own makeshift altar

Greetings, I’m sure you can tell already but today’s topic is on Altar Magick. Its a pretty simple process to set one up and utilize for your own benefit. All you really need is your own intuition and some basic knowledge on altars

The altar you see above is my own little concoction of deities, candles, etc. You don’t have to have it look like mines, be creative and unique. Now that that introduction is out of the way, lets get into what an altar is used for and the basic materials needed

What is an altar?

For all of you religious folk(past and present), an altar in church is similar to the one I have for example. They’re both used to communicate with spirits/energies; or, in a religious setting, their idea of a higher power. The main difference I would say is in intention

An altar in a religious setting is used to ask God for help in whatever situation they may need. Whereas an altar used for magick purposes works like an exchange: You give the spirits an offering(energy), and in return they help you with whatever it is you want done. Simple right?

Note for the latter for using an altar, I didn’t say “ask” for help. That’s because when you pray to an energy asking for help, you’re putting yourself in a subservient position which means that that spirit/”higher power” has dominion over you. But, do as you wish

Materials needed for an altar

Now we are getting to the fun part. Ultimately, what you decide to put on an altar is up to you, so, the most important tool you need is your own intuition. The basic symbols(for the elements) that you can use goes as followed:

  • Candles- represents the element of fire
  • Incense- represents the element of air
  • Water- I’m sure there’s no explanation needed
  • Earth- there’s many things you can choose to represent this element. (I.E. coins, rocks/stones, food, etc.)

If needed, be sure to research other symbols/objects you can use for your altar, and, I can’t stress this enough: If your intuition urges you to put anything on your altar, do it!

Other materials you can use are statues or symbols of any deity you choose to work with. Just to name a few that are paying rent on mine are Hathor, Osiris, Lakshmi, Shiva, Chango, and Sekhmet. Feel free to choose from the hundreds of deities out there, the list is literally endless

Another very useful energy to work with are passed relatives, friends, or anybody you want to work with that has passed on to the spiritual realm. Their body may be gone, but their spirit still lives on(remember, energy can’t be created or destroyed, only transformed)

You can put things that your loved ones liked while they were still alive on your altar as offerings too. Another thing to note is that since they experienced human lives, they know the struggles you’re facing or may face, unlike the deities

Extra tips and optional materials

  • In my experience, you can offer the ancestors/deities anything you like to eat or drink. I wouldn’t want to eat the same thing every day, and I’m sure they wouldn’t either. Be open to offer any and everything you like or you feel they may like
  • When giving out offerings, be sure to light a candle or two so that those energies know you’re giving them out. You wouldn’t mail your friend’s if you know they didn’t have mailboxes, right? Same thing applies, the exception would be if your intuition tells you otherwise, and if so, do it. Its your altar after all
  • Another thing I like to offer is something called Ancestor money, or Hell notes. Its spiritual currency you burn so that your loved ones can receive and use in the afterlife, which in return they’ll help you in the physical. Feel free to burn some for your deities as well
  • If you don’t know what a libation is, its basically pouring out a drink offering to any ancestor or deity. You don’t always need a picture of a deity or ancestor to work with them, simply saying their names work as well
  • Finding any deities you’re already connected to to give offerings is beneficial as well. If you don’t know who has a connection with you, get the book, Deity Linkage by S. Ali Meyers, to help. You may see or search up a deity that you feel is calling to you and trying to get your attention. Trust your gut feeling in this process
Planet in the universe
Planet in the universe

That’s pretty much the basics of setting up your own altar. Have fun, be creative, and trust yourself in the process. If you would like to vote on any topics for me to write about, feel free to follow me on my Instagram

Other than that, thank you all for reading!

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