How to use Ancestor Money

Starting off, this was a highly requested topic that people (who voted on my Instagram polls) wanted more information about. I’m not the end-all be-all of information, especially on this topic, but I can share my experience and what works for me

Don’t worry it’s all really simple–after all, you’re just communicating with family members who passed on to the next realm. Its a process of you help them and they help you. And perhaps when it’s your time to move on, your descendants will petition you for your wisdom and guidance. Now that the introduction is over we can move on to the fun part! I’m sure you’re all eagerly waiting and would like to get started as soon as possible

Ladies and Gentlemen I present: The basics of Ancestor Money (and working with them in general)

What is an Ancestor and how can they help?

An ancestor is simply anyone who we’ve descended from that are related to us by blood. This doesn’t mean you can’t work with anyone who isn’t related to you that has had a positive influence. A friend, an uncle, or anyone you can think of–you can give offerings to

Don’t stop there! Celebrities that have passed you can also work with. For me I have a few that made a significant impact: Michael Jackson, Prince, Muhammad Ali, Kobe Bryant, etc. 

I’m sure the gist is easy to get–just add whoever you want on your ancestor altars. Ancestor Altars? What are those you ask? Great question!

How to set up an Ancestor Altar

An ancestor altar is in its name–an altar for your ancestors. That way any offerings you put on your altar whether it be food, candy, alcohol (spirits love liquor), or anything they liked while they were alive. Feel free to give them things you like to eat and drink as well, they’re family!

Making an altar is a simple process that just requires your intuition and creativity. The basic altar set up is having the four elements symbolized by incense (air), candles (fire), a cup of water, and either literal rocks or crystals(or anything you feel represents earth). Feel free to use anything you think symbolizes the elements!

How am I supposed to give offerings you ask? Another great question!

Giving out offerings to the Ancestors

To give offerings to the ancestor is as simple as putting whatever food, drink, etc. on the altar with the intention that it’s for all of your ancestors that are known and unknown. That way you aren’t just giving energy to the people you know–we have a long(real long) line of ancestors, got to include them as well

When giving out offerings you can light a candle and incense to open up a gateway for them to come through and receive that energy. Its suggested you visualize a little “door” for them to come through and you may even feel a warmth around you or some other spiritual effect. Notice the subtle changes, that’s how you know your ancestors received what you gave them. If you’re just starting out you may or may not notice anything at first, but in time you will

After giving out offerings you can give a mental prayer thanking them for their help with protection, money, love, health, happiness–you get the idea. An attitude of gratitude will bring more of what you want/need into your life, basically speaking it into existence. Be thankful!

Now that you’re familiar with the basics, its time to talk about the main topic: Ancestor Money

Heaven/Hell Notes

Heaven/Hell notes are just another name for ancestor money. All you need is someplace to put them in to burn on your altar–like a flame resistant pot. Do be careful not to burn yourself, or your belongings, because I will not be held responsible

Disclaimer out the way, you repeat the same words as stated in the last subsection: “This is for my ancestors known and unknown.”

I notice when I burn it, my ancestors are right there and the paper burns up pretty fast. It may burn fast or it may not, just take your time to build your connection and eventually they’ll show up at a moments notice

That brings up the last topic and ending thoughts I’d like to leave you all with

Becoming your family’s spiritual ‘ambassador’

When doing spiritual work such as this or other mediums, you’ll notice a lot of spiritual events or synchronicities such as seeing repeated numbers, them showing up in dreams, or even someone just mentioning them and so on. These events are just the many ways your ancestors, Goddesses/Gods, spirits and so on can communicate with you

Be conscious of anything you feel may have spiritual significance because they are communicating with you always. Whether it’s helping you make a decision that’ll lead you to a new job, or to bring to attention people that aren’t helping you elevate to your best self. You decide what that message may mean!

If you’re doing this kind of work you will become the spiritual ambassador for your family, since you may be the only family member making that connection back to your ancestors. What this means is that the ancestors or any other friendly spirits will come help you first and then the rest of your family

In Closing…

Don’t think too hard on the process of building an altar, trust your gut. You can put anything you feel should go on it. I’d also suggest having a little notebook or journal and writing down the names of family that have passed so that they’ll come through by name. And also for any friends or celebrities you want to add

You can get ancestor money on Amazon for very fair prices, I’ll leave a link below for easy access. But Ladies and Gentlemen, that’s all the information I have for you today. Feel free to leave any comments or ask questions and I’ll do my best to respond in a timely manner

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful rest of your day!

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