How to Heal Generational Curses

Khepera the self created beetle God

Greetings, greetings! Welcome another addition to the blog: Ancestral Trauma’s. These aren’t any more special than someone’s personal issues, but in fact, could be the source of their underlying problems

An Ancestor trauma–or we could say, a generational curse is usually passed on to a child and the cycle continues until broken by the individual

Before I dive any deeper, I’d like to discuss how trauma can affect a person’s psyche and their chakras/auric field, causing many imbalances in their wellbeing and life

Traumas, Tribulations, and Crossroads

Trauma by definition is a deeply-rooted disturbing experience, in a negative sense. But I’ll go into how it can be beneficial later in the article

Continuing on, trauma’s don’t only affect a person’s chakra system but also their psyche/subconscious mind. These are like seeds that have blossomed into a bouquet of issues! Wonderful right?

As the hermetic rule goes into effect…,”As above so below, as within so without.” This basically says that your internal condition affects the universe which in turn affects how you perceive the world

So, if someone perceives the world in a negative way and constantly have those reoccurring thoughts floating around, those thoughts manifest and attract more of those experiences that are on the same vibration

Healing these experiences are what occultists/metaphysicians term Shadow Work. The shadow represents Satan, as Christianity describes him. That evil voice or negative thoughtform(s) in someone’s head is Satan/your ego

The ego, which is who you’re born as in a human body is symbolized as Satan. The innocent soul inside the body is your divine spirit, which is symbolized as Christ–Jesus, Horus, Hanuman, etc

When the bible mentions a war in Heaven, it’s referring to the constant battle between your good/supportive thoughts and intuition (Christ) vs. your ego/negative thoughts (Satan/your lower self)

The Crossroads

In many mythologies there are Christ figures who are symbolic of internal transformation–most notably associated with the Heart. This is why the Ancient Egyptians placed importance of the Heart being lighter than a feather in the afterlife

If your Heart is heavier than the feather, then Ammit the devourer of the Dead, of course, devours that soul. This is only metaphorical to being reincarnated back down to earth due to that soul not being able to move on from their ego(humanity)

This is also why Jesus is portrayed with a flaming heart, symbolizing the importance of compassion. Not quite for others, but for yourself which heals those traumas and in turns opens up crossroads towards illumination, abundance, blessings and so on

The heart is used as a symbol of Christ(consciousness) due to the ancients’ symbolic representation of the ventricles with crossroads(pathways)

Excuse the esoteric jargon, but this all simply means you, the Christ, either rising up within through spiritual work(chakras, affirmations, reprogramming); and healing those traumas, your shadow/ego, for transformation!

The Law of Rhythm

In this specific universe there are a set of laws that govern its basic functions. The Law of Rhythm tells us of the ups and downs we experience in life. A few good examples are the rise and falling of nations; consciousness(for most); and the stock market/businesses

There exists a minor law called the Law of neutrality that teaches the initiate to master your mind and rise above these cycles as to stay in the mindset and reality you desire. Of course this is no easy task, but is worthwhile once mastered

A word of warning: Understanding these universal laws and applying them to your life is putting you in control of your own reality, and the universe follows whatever your mindset is at. Needless to say, control your mind!

Health, Healing, and Harvest

As mentioned earlier, traumas effect your spiritual wellbeing which affects your physical reality as well. Healing these issues takes time and dedication. There are numerous ways to heal and empower yourself but it’ll only work if you believe it will

If you go into this half-heartedly you’ll get half-hearted results. So confidence in yourself completely is required. The ways you can reprogram are as follows: Repetition, Trauma, and Symbols

Repetition could be starting a morning routine or stating positive affirmations until you’re where you desire

Trauma is related to repetition in the sense of muscle memory. Take an NBA player today and what they do to maintain that level of expertise in their craft–practice! This type of training is ingrained in them the same way negative experiences can be as well

Symbols can be anything you feel represents your definition of health, wealth, abundance, the life you desire to live and whatever floats your boat. Which is why on my altar I have statues of deities to represent many of life’s blessings.

The importance of symbols is that it sends a subconscious message(plants a seed) of whatever you define it as. So with those seeds planted comes the harvest in due time!
Ganesha, remover of obstacles

The most important thing in all of this is that you are in charge of your own healing and life. The question is will you step up to the task?

Well everyone that’s all I have to share today and I hope this helps whoever is reading this, which I thank you for taking your time to. Enjoy the rest of your day!

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