Tobacco, Marijuana, And Spirits

Greetings everyone, I’m sure that title got your attention so I won’t make this intro too long. This is a topic I notice isn’t really talked about unless you have done some research

These two plants, which are widely known, are used on a daily basis by majority of the people on Earth. Little is known about the spiritual effects of using these mediums and how they can affect your spirit–which in turn shapes your reality

I plan to give a little insight and technique on how to use this for spiritual knowledge or any desire you may have. Lets start shall we?

Mix of Cannabis and Tobacco By Jaymz Campbell - self-made, CC BY 3.0,
Mix of Cannabis and Tobacco By Jaymz Campbell – self-made, CC BY 3.0,

Smoke Signals: Communicating with Spirit

To begin, I’d like to point out in this post that when I say spirits, I mean them as purely energy. Technically that’s what they (and we!) are made of. There are “good” and “bad” spirits, depending on your concept of those terms

If you aren’t familiar with the 7 Hermetic Laws, I’d suggest checking out my older post on the Law of Mentalism and the Law of Polarity for a basic understanding since I will be using them on this post

Tobacco has a long history of use, most recently with the Indigenous Americans and their ritual use of the plant. The use of tobacco in their ceremonies were for communication to their Creator. Similar to using Ancestor Money for communing with your passed loved ones, the prayers said in their ceremonies were absorbed by the smoke and sent to the sky to be received by the heavenly powers

As for marijuana, its uses were similar among many cultures such as Ancient China and the Hindus in India as it was used for spiritual knowledge and was known for its relaxing and euphoric effects

Its safe to say that spirit and smoke are synonymous with each other and its pretty powerful with a strong intention. Smoke represents the air element which connects to spirits and is one of the four elements needed on an altar–represented by incense

For information on how to make your own altar click here

Intention: The double-edged sword

Intention is, and should be, the first step when deciding to do any spiritual work. Don’t be vague when doing so, or you will risk getting an outcome you did not want. For example, you may ask for money and receive a penny

The universe is funny like that–got to love a good sense of humor!

Most people who smoke do so with unconscious intentions such as taking your mind off someone or something. Considering the previous section, those smoke signals tell those Heavenly Powers exactly what you asked for–even if it was an unconscious decision!

So everyone pushed to smoke due to stress, anger, and other negative reasons attract that same energy (spirit) towards them. That is the Law of Mentalism at work. If they want to attract the polar opposite they simply have to change their polarity with their mind

Changing your Polarity

Polarity symbolized by the Scales
Polarity symbolized by the Scales

If life gives you lemons, make lemonade”, said by almost everyone I know

Though this line is cliche, it subtly explains how to use the Law of Polarity to your advantage. Life isn’t perfect and there will be situations and people who drive you insane, however its how you decide to act that dictates the end result!

Mastering this takes patience, along with mastering the other Hermetic Laws. But doing so puts you in control of your life, so I’d say its worth it. The easiest way you can change your polarity is by simply changing the way you think. Turn your down-times into lessons instead of reoccurring obstacles

Had a “bad” day at work? Try making your night a good one, perhaps with ice cream. That usually puts me in a good mood, at least until a brain freeze sneaks up on me

Life doesn’t have to be unfair, or a place where you’re unhappy all the time. Its meant to be enjoyed to the fullest, so make it your playground


Before sending you off, consider using positive intentions when having a smoke. Tell yourself you’re opening up to blessings, abundance, happiness and joy as you exhale. So when it’s time to reap what you sew, it’ll be a wonderful harvest

Thank you all for reading and if you have questions, comments, or just want to say Hi, leave them below!

Check out my resources for more information on what I discussed above

Resources – On His Patreon is a lecture by Bro. Raswell on Marijuana. Definitely something to check out

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