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Mastering Emotions: Key to self control

Welcome back returning viewers, new viewers, and those of you just browsing the web. Today’s topic is on self-mastery, specifically with controlling emotions. Mastering emotions are a tricky task which I struggle with at times Of course there are situations when we must express… Continue Reading “Mastering Emotions: Key to self control”

Healing: The hermit & Psychic Vampires

Hello and welcome again! If you’re new to my blog or you’re a returning supporter, I feel this topic is something everyone can learn and benefit from. Not because I’m writing about it, but because it’s a topic that everyone should have some basic… Continue Reading “Healing: The hermit & Psychic Vampires”

The 7 Chakras: Balancing the Root and Sacral Chakras

Hello, I know it’s been a while. I’ve been busy working, and, I decided to take a little break  to help in the process of  pushing out quality content Did you miss me?  Now, this topic will help a great many of you who… Continue Reading “The 7 Chakras: Balancing the Root and Sacral Chakras”

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