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Tobacco & Marijuana: Gateway to Spirits

Greetings everyone, I’m sure that title got your attention so I won’t make this intro too long. This is a topic I notice isn’t really talked about unless you have done some research These two plants, which are widely known, are used on a… Continue Reading “Tobacco & Marijuana: Gateway to Spirits”

tools for spiritual transformation

Ladies and gentlemen of the inter-web, its time I share what spiritual tools I use (and are currently using) to help me along my path of transformation. I’ll be leaving a brief description of these items but you can find the full information by… Continue Reading “tools for spiritual transformation”

Healing: The hermit & Psychic Vampires

Hello and welcome again! If you’re new to my blog or you’re a returning supporter, I feel this topic is something everyone can learn and benefit from. Not because I’m writing about it, but because it’s a topic that everyone should have some basic… Continue Reading “Healing: The hermit & Psychic Vampires”

The Zodiac: Christ Symbolism

Welcome back everybody, if you haven’t read my last article feel free to check that out here. I don’t say it just for easy promotion, but it does tie in to using the correct mindset for this topic, in a sense. You’ll understand more… Continue Reading “The Zodiac: Christ Symbolism”

A Brief guide to Tarot Cards

Tarot Cards

Greetings people of the internet and happy new year to you all! I know it’s been a while since my last post, but, not to worry I am back. This article will be a brief explanation on Tarot Cards and its uses Its key… Continue Reading “A Brief guide to Tarot Cards”

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