How to Decode Dreams

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This article will be on how you can decode dreams on your own. As you may know, you are unique so your dreams can be interpreted in many different ways–by different people, and it may be confusing.

The best policy is to always trust your intuition. So without further delay lets get right into it

Dreaming Soul- adoreluna
Dreaming Soul- adoreluna

What are Dreams?

Simply put, they are messages from our subconscious mind regarding anything that we were thinking when we fell asleep, or situations in our life that we need clarity on, etc.

That’s right, dreams are just a conversation between you and your subconscious, or any higher intelligence you communicate with. As I’ve learned, the subconscious doesn’t use words to convey a message, it uses symbols as metaphors and figurative language when giving insight on circumstances

Death Tarot Card
Death Tarot Card

Dreams: Symbolic or Literal?

A dream is symbolic and sometimes it is literal. For the most part, you shouldn’t take what happens in yours as literal, but as an exaggerated way of your mind telling you what’s going on. The Tarot card, Death, for example, isn’t about literal death–it’s about cycles or phases in ones life coming to an end for a new one to take its place

The same thing applies to dreams when decoding the symbols in them. Dreams involving water usually symbolizes your emotions; whereas dreams of you protecting something/someone could be you protecting a part of yourself

Decoding a Dream

The easiest way for me to show you a way to decode dreams is to give an example. Don’t worry, this is all hypothetical:

In this dream, you are running around with your friends on a nice sunny day, playing baseball. You brought your favorite bat to the park, and you’re getting ready to hit the ball into the clear blue sky. Famous MLB players compliment your skills and urge you to become a professional. Everyone around you wants you to succeed and are cheering you on

As the dream is going well, there’s a nagging feeling for you to “open your eyes”, and with each blink you take, the scenery and feeling of the dream alter to something more cynical. You feel a cool breeze on your skin, which urges you to look up at the sky. With a shock, you see that the sun was replaced with dark clouds hinting at a storm

The field where your friends were is now tattered, with many of whom you trusted running off with your belongings–including your bat! As you chase after the one who has it, you find that they eventually have you cornered and trapped, by design. Stepping closer to you with a menacing look on their face, you can’t believe your eyes. It’s one of your closest friends whom you thought you could trust

The closer they step towards you, the more you know what will happen next. As your “bat-stabbing” friend winds your prized possession back, ready to swing, you see dollar signs illuminate within their pupils. The bat is swung, stopping only inches from your face, as it fades away along with your perpetrator

You’re brought to a peaceful abode, where the sun is setting on a golden path above the clouds–led by a calm, wise, turtle. Each step you see it take, albeit slowly and carefully, brings it steadily closer to a bright soothing light at the end of its journey

Now, I’ll list the “symbols” in this “dream”, which are your true and fake friends, your bat, and your turtle. Your true friends would represent those who are honest and supportive. The bat could represent any skills or talents you have(or maybe you have a passion for baseball). The fake friends are in it for the money and other selfish reasons. And lastly, the turtle could either represent yourself or your intuition(or any other higher intelligence)

Overall, the meaning could be this: Chase your dreams, not as the hare–as the turtle. Take steady, careful steps towards your goals. Listen to sound, and supportive advice from your true friends, and be wary of those with selfish desires

I hope my example shed light on how you too, can learn to decode your dreams. I know not all dreams will be as easy to decode, and that’s okay. It may take a day, a week, perhaps a month or longer for you to discover meanings to yours as it does mine

Which is a perfect time to mention dream journals, where you obviously write down each dream you have to check back on later. Researching what a symbol means is helpful, however, everyone has a different perspective on what it means to them. So trust your intuition to decode them, whether that means how they make you feel or what you think it means according to your situation

Feel free to leave comments about this post and if you’d like check out my other articles. As always, thank you for reading!

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