Finding Your Purpose

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Everyone at some point in their lives has asked this very question. Perhaps when they were children or teenagers entering adulthood. Don’t worry you’re not alone. This type of question is everchanging with many different discoveries to be made along the way

So, how does someone find their purpose? To put it simply, I’d say find out who You are–but that would take you on a journey we call Life. What is life, one may ask–and you’ll get many answers from many different people. The most important and true answer is the one you find yourself, since that truth is your truth alone

It’s the same question that begins every journey of self discovery, so, without further ado:

Lets begin!

The Hero’s Journey

Journey of the Hero
Journey of the Hero

The concept of a Hero going on their journey can be seen across many mythologies, movies, cartoons–you name it. The reason being is that this is the journey we go on when we incarnate on this physical plane. We’re all here on our own mission to discover or learn whatever it is we’re here to do

As basic as that sounds, it really sums up the essence of our purpose here, but we haven’t yet got to how we can find it. The answer unfolds at different points in our lives, same as with a hero going through different stages in their story. And with every hero there’s one event that sets them on their journey, which they accept, but know it’ll come with many hardships to push them through transformation

In mythological stories such as with Heru and Set, Heru is set on avenging his slain father. The “bad guy” in this myth would be the God Set who represents evil, destruction, and the shadow self, whom Horus must defeat. You can find a similar story in other myths as well because what the Ancients were teaching is that good and evil exists in this world

Good and evil must exist for you to differentiate the opposites and to create balance. So in that sense there’s a necessary evil which pushes people to grow and become something new. They must face whatever challenges that lay in their path in order to push them to where there goals are

Looking at this concept on a relatable level; say your passion was to start your own business. Of course building one up comes with many challenges that all business owners had to go through to finally get to where they truly wanted to be. The hardships that come can be looked at as a test to your ambition–basically asking, how bad do you want it and how strong is your willpower to push through?

This doesn’t quite touch on how to find one’s purpose, but it’s important to understand these concepts when wanting to go on your own endeavors. Now we can move on to the main topic!

How to Find your Purpose

Sunrise emerging in the distance
Sunrise emerging in the distance

I’ll be honest and say that there’s no definite answer or guide that can tell you what your purpose is. The only way to discover it is if you ask yourself that question. Knowing who you are and aren’t is vital in discovering where you want to go. We all have our own unique perspective and respective talents

Some may be talented writers who just need to find ways to hone their skills and share their craft with the world. Others may be very good at motivating people and could become great orators if they take action with what they have to work with

The possibilities are endless, but, how does someone know they have a talent? This is a question you must ask yourself: What is something that you love to do? It doesn’t have to be anything like the previous examples, a love for playing video games is okay

Using gaming as an example, all you really need is to figure out how you could use that love for gaming to make a living. And there are many ways such as competing in competitions, starting a gaming channel, or even developing your own games

Not to say you can’t explore other interests, but, if you have a knack for doing something others don’t really comprehend like you do, then explore all options with that skillset to build upon. As the old saying goes, doing something that you love to do will never turn into a job

So, discover what it is that you have a passion for. Don’t know how to find your passions? The best way is to go out and experience life. Try new things and perhaps you may discover something that resonates with your being

The Path of Self Discovery (Conclusion)

Man and the universe
Man and the Universe

I really do hope this article shed some light for those of you looking for your place in the world. As you know now, there’s no definite answer since everyone is unique! And that uniqueness is something that only you can understand, which should push you on your journey to self discovery

Everyone is born with a talent and that talent can only turn into a skill once it’s nurtured into one. Overtime, a person may discover hidden talents and interests that they didn’t know they had before which is great. People should grow and change over time, not just with occupations but mentalities as well

That’s why its called growth–or growing in this case. Since we all are expressions of the creator, we have many dimensions to our being that are yet to be discovered. The creator is endless, so that means self-discovery in this life is an endless and fun process

If there’s one thing you should take from this article, its that the power to live the life you want is in your hands. The only thing you must do is believe in yourself through and through to achieve what you desire

Thank you all for reading!

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