Becoming the Hermit & Repelling Psychic Vampires

Hello and welcome again! If you’re new to my blog or you’re a returning supporter, I feel this topic is something everyone can learn and benefit from. Not because I’m writing about it, but because it’s a topic that everyone should have some basic understanding on. In fact I expect those of you wanting more information to research it yourselves

There’s plenty of great articles on the web about the information I’ll be sharing with you, so to start things off I’m going to talk briefly about Psychic Vampires. What does this have to do with healing you ask? Great question!

Embracing the Hermit within requires you to be introspective, not only about yourself (which is majority of your focus), but about any relationships that may be toxic to your well-being

Now, that that teaser has your interest let’s get into the “appetizer” of this article! Dracula, Psychic Vampire Dracula, Psychic Vampire

Psychic Vampires: Friend, Foe, Frenemies?

A psychic vampire is an individual who feeds off the energy of others. They can be family members, friends, coworkers and so on. They’re the ones who try and get on your nerves constantly, always vent to you about an issue, or, that coworker that you instinctively don’t like! The list can go on, but that’s the gist of it

The easiest victims for these vampires are the compassionate, caring, open-heart, don’t know when to say, “No”, individuals. Everyone or at least majority of you can relate to being drained after interacting with someone you know, but not all psychic vampires are conscious that they are draining people. It’s most likely a programming they put on themselves that they need to reprogram out of–I’ll go into more detail later

Protecting your energy from these individuals is easy and there are many tools you can use. I’ll share a list of crystals that are helpful in these situations:

  • Obsidian – absorbs negative energy and blocks psychic attacks
  • Crystal Quartz- neutralizes negative energy, amplifies energy and thoughts (check out rose crystal quartz)
  • Honorable mentions: Black tourmaline, Pyrite, Black Jade, (there’s many more–research!)

While we’re on the topic of getting rid of negative energy, there are two methods you can use to absorb and get rid of it in your house or room. One of them is to take some salt and put in the corners of your house. The reason being is that negative energy stores itself in those corners. Coincidentally (synchronicity), the corner is where parents and teachers alike send kids for bad behavior.

For the second method it is similar to the first, but instead of salt you use crushed up tobacco from cigars or any other mediums. The tobacco is also good for absorbing negative energy and spirits–consider using it especially if the energy feels off

Journey Of the Hermit

The Hermit By Pamela Coleman Smith - a 1909 card scanned by Holly Voley
The Hermit By Pamela Coleman Smith – a 1909 card scanned by Holly Voley

It’s now on to the main topic of this article: The Hermit.There’s no predicting when times like these arise–it just happens! And spending time with yourself is never a bad thing, especially since you’re the only one who knows yourself better than anyone

The symbolism in this Tarot Card is a time where self-reflection, healing, or contemplation takes place. It’s an important experience in learning more about yourself, what you need in your life, and who or what needs to see their way out! Isolating yourself can be seen by others as you not wanting to interact with them and that may not be the case in your situation

When times of isolation happen it’s your intuition (Higher self, Guardian Angel, etc) telling you to go into introspective mode. That means being mostly to yourself and not really letting the outside world in, at least not yet. And majority of the people you know won’t understand why you’re doing it even if you try to explain it!

That’s okay, not everyone is privy to this type of knowledge–only the few can comprehend it

As I mentioned earlier with people being stuck in programs, I mean it metaphorically. If you’re experiencing a time of isolation, perhaps it’s some behaviors that need to be brought to your attention for you to release. Those behaviors(programs) could be affecting you on a subliminal level–meaning its an automatic response(i.e. lack mindset, always putting yourself down, etc.). And the only way to fix it is to change it entirely

Or, if there’s a certain memory you have that traumatizes you, i’s time for you to overcome it and release that as well. Easier said than done of course, but healing isn’t always a straight path. Moving on, traumas can get stored in one of the 7 chakra’s, unbeknownst to some, which is why you can tell how some people are off

Most people’s chakra systems aren’t balanced, so learn from their example and make sure yours are aligned! I’ve done a few articles on balancing your chakra’s, so check those out on the site

I’ve done an article on techniques you can use to reprogram your mind as well, so use that resource as well

All in all, take time for yourself to balance out when needed. Because without a strong foundation everything can come crashing down. Thank you all for reading!

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