How to utilize Affirmations

Hey there and welcome back everybody! It’s been a while since my last post, and I just want to say I’ve been busy. With all the events happening currently I’ve been in hermit mode, observing, learning, and evolving. But wait no longer!

The time has come for me to get back into blogger mode and I have many new ideas coming into fruition, for now, its time to get into the topic of the day which is affirmations

Lets begin

Cause and Effect

If you haven’t already, check out my article on the Universal Law of Cause and Effect. As stated in the law: “For every effect, there is a definite cause, likewise for every cause, there is a definite effect.” When dealing with affirmations, understanding this law, as well as the others, is imperative to getting a holistic understanding when working with this method and other mediums for programming your mind

For example, the easiest understanding of this law is like planting a seed in a garden. Of course, you’ll have to give it enough water and sunshine for it to grow into a healthy plant. Same goes with programming your mind. The seed can be your thoughts/affirmations that you use to plant in the garden, in which the garden represents your subconscious mind

Its important that you be aware of any thoughts or patterns that you use on a daily basis, some of those actions are serving you or being used against you–whether known to you or not. Your subconscious can’t discriminate between good or bad and it accepts every ‘seed’ you give it to grow in the ‘garden.’

Luckily for me, I grew up in a family that repeated the phrase, “Can’t isn’t in the dictionary.” Obviously it is, but i’m sure you get the anecdotal analogy here. What does all this have to do with cause and effect? Simple, you reap what you sew! The all is mind and universe is mental, so whatever seed you plant in your garden, expect a harvest, a.k.a. a change in your reality–the effect

Affirmations to program your mind

Now comes the fun part–deciding what you want to manifest! Its real simple to choose an affirmation, I’d prefer you come up with a phrase you can repeat over and over, or a single word to meditate upon. For some, they may be skeptical in using affirmations because it may not work for them, and that can be based on many factors with the main being the conscious mind

Your conscious mind, which is the one everyone uses for rational decision making and is the voice you hear doubting you, or, repeating negative thoughts and so on. The trick to getting passed it is to meditate on one word and the holistic meaning you apply to it

Lets use being rich/wealthy as an affirmative word. I’m sure everyone would love to be rich/wealthy–who wouldn’t? However, don’t limit the meaning towards monetary gains, because you can also be rich in happiness, joy, love, and so on. After all, money is energy called currency–a current which has to flow

So a simple meditation everyday for about 5 minutes on the concept of rich/wealthy will plant that seed into your mind. Doing it everyday will manifest exactly what you planted which is the effect: the harvest. Pretty simple right?

Its also effective to feel as if what you want is already in your life, since your mind cant tell the difference between what you imagine and what’s actually happening. Do your best to imagine the wealth you have and have fun with it–don’t strain yourself!

Another Method to use

This method is pretty similar to the last, in it, you speak of the life you want in the present moment. Such as, “I am wealthy”, or, “I am happy”, and, “I am going to share this website with my friends”, just to provide a few examples

This method works the same as the other, and you can repeat it in meditation or throughout your day. Its especially effective in countering those negative thoughts–so be aware

Final Tips

Before you all go I’d like to share some extra disclaimers. When using affirmations you don’t have to limit yourself to my examples alone, use ones that you feel is right. But make sure it’s in a positive structure. I wouldn’t use too many ‘I will’ statements because it would be putting whatever your goal is in a future context. For instance, “I will start a business.”

Yes it is a positive statement, however, it puts it in a future perspective. Which your subconscious will determine as a goal to be chased. You don’t want to chase goals, manifest them and have them come to you. Don’t “chase the bag”, have that bag come to you

Another thing is to be specific in what your manifesting. Saying, “I am manifesting money”, is a nice affirmation, however one cent is money as well. And since you didn’t give your mind a specific amount, it will give you exactly what you want and you’ll be one cent richer!

Side note: Be realistic in what your goals are. Some can manifest a million dollars by winning the lottery, but that doesn’t mean the same will happen to you

Thank you everyone for taking the time to read this, and I hope this helps you make the necessary changes you want to live a happier, healthy life. I’ll link two books you can get which helped me write this article, and i’ll always prefer you do personal research as well!

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  1. I have hear about affirmations before and I wanted to learn more about them, so this post comes at a great time. I have been trying to find out how to de-stress, how to counter the anxious thoughts in my mind. Thank you for this post.

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