How to use Magick: The Basics

Painting by my sister Madison
Painting by my sister Madison

Hello visitors whether new or returning. Today I’ll be sharing the basics of magick and how to use your own creativity to amp its effects. After-all, any rituals you create are more powerful than the ones you find from different sources

And just to be clear: This is my perspective on magick

This information isn’t the end all be all–but anyways, I’ll get into what I mean later in the article. So lets begin!

Journey To the West

Life: The Journey Through Death!

If you don’t already know, being born on earth (as a spiritual being) is all about your own transformation. Of course, you won’t remember the point of your incarnation unless you stumble upon this type of knowledge or you make your way back to the spiritual plane through death

I know death may sound unnerving, which it is! Its a frightening process for your ego(who you’re born as now), but not for your spirit/soul. The human body is built to die at some point, but the spirit lives forever–energy doesn’t die, it transforms

What does death have to do with magick?

Simple, understanding that this human experience is just that, an experience, will shift your perspective to understanding why you were born. That of course will be answered over the course of your life

The image above is from the Chinese story Journey to the West. The west symbolizing death. In this story there is a monkey king named Sun Wukong–which symbolizes your ego. Moving on, the story follows an innocent monk who has to make this journey along with Sun Wukong and others, with the monk symbolizing your divine self

Of course there is conflict with your ego and divine self, and only through mastering your lower nature and bringing it into balance with your divine nature can you fulfill that journey. You can find more information on this story here

Don’t worry, this’ll all tie in to magick–just had to share that so you all can understand the concept better. Mastering and balancing your divine and human nature brings equilibrium to your reality which not also raises your vibration but protects you from human distractions

If your lower nature is out of control then you’ll never be at peace in yourself and you’ll always be unsatisfied or left unfulfilled. When working with magick, if you’re not stable in yourself how do you think that’ll correlate when you attempt to manifest?

Not saying that you won’t be able to, but it won’t be enough so-to-speak. You’ll always be wanting more and that can lead to a mindset of lack

So its key that you deal with your ego. (I.E. Healing traumas, chakra work) I shared tips in my last article, click here for info on that

The Magick of Magick

A lot of people believe magick is like what Hollywood showcases today with a bunch of lightshows and sparkles–but that isn’t necessarily accurate. Magick is subtle, just like receiving spiritual messages; as in the case of seeing repeating numbers or hearing someone talk about a topic you were studying, etc

When you realize that magick is just internal transformation you can see why people are in awe that their friends or family members change “overnight.” But of course, they didn’t notice the effort that they put in to make that change–so they call it Magick!

And they’re not wrong in a certain context, because changing who you are internally is what can be symbolized to when Jesus turned water to wine. “As a man thinketh, so shall he be…”, Proverbs 23:7

If you’re still reading, don’t worry I’m getting to the main point just bear with me

Ok, so after understanding that balance within is key, your manifestations will be more accurate and fulfilling. Having your ego under control means you’ll be grateful for what you have, and allowing more abundance to flow without having a want for something

That want will put you into a state of lack, so if you stay in that state of lack, then the universe will just keep putting your manifestations just out of reach! So do your due diligence and master your self

The Fun Part: Using Magick!

Alright, now that you made it this far I can share what you actually came here for. Thank you for comprehending all that jargon in the previous section

After understanding who you are which is a never-ending journey of self discovery; and understanding death, life becomes a cinch!

Magick is all about convincing your subconscious mind to manifest whatever it is you desire. That requires physical work in accordance to allowing your spiritual half to do their part. Remember, God helps those who help themselves! For example, you can receive a good idea for a book but you still have to physically write it

There are many different techniques you can use to Manifest what you desire, and occasionally it can happen the next day but not always. I’ll go over the few I know and use:


Using sigils are all about reducing a phrase or statement into letters and using that combination of letters to form into one symbol. After making that symbol you can charge it with a variety of ways:

  • By going into trance and lightly gazing at the symbol to imprint on subconscious mind
  • Leaving the symbol in the Sun/Moon to absorb Solar/Lunar energy
  • Putting it on your altar to let any deities or ancestors put energy into it

Those are but a few of many ways, feel free to come up with alternatives

After charging that sigil you can activate it by burning it, flushing it down a toilet, or whatever. And then just go about your day. Most magicians wait a day or two before activating so that they forget the intention of their sigil

This is so it can work in the background with no interference from their conscious mind

Morning/Evening Routine

Starting a routine that programs your mind with affirmations, mantras, or symbols (doesn’t have to be sigils, but it can)–will help with manifesting as well

Say you desire more confidence, you may start a routine when you wake up or before you go to sleep stating: “I am confident”, or “I am confidence”, either works, or as long as you announce what it is you desire in a present tense and that you’re saying it as if its already there

The reason being is that with repetition and feeling, your mind will start to believe it and your reality will reflect those beliefs

Using this with symbols would just be seeing what you deem as a symbol for what you desire over and over. Like putting a bag of money as your wallpaper on your phone or hanging a picture up, etc.

That sends a subconscious seed which implants it in your mind. Follow that up with affirmations and you’re watering your garden


Using this technique requires you to have good imagination so that you can see yourself in a situation or place you desire in great detail–in accordance with your Five Senses. It doesn’t matter if you’re physically there as long as your mind believes its true then it becomes true. This is why Placebo effects are popular

Visualizing what you desire, how it feels, what you’re doing with that manifestation and so on contributes into making that reality real. Because as long as it is real to you then it becomes true in your personal experience, no matter who disagrees

Creativity: The most important

All of these techniques are just what works for me, you don’t have to limit yourself to these. In fact, I’d prefer you discover the other ways you can use magick–there’s plenty. But the only thing you’ll ever need is your own mind and creativity

As stated in the first Universal Law, “All is mind, universe is mental”, which means that your mind controls your universe. So as long as you can convince your mind to manifest your desires you don’t need anything else. Everything outside of you are just tools–don’t let them become crutches!

Creativity is magick in itself because its unique to each and every person. So one symbol may mean something different between two people but, they can still use that same symbol to manifest different desires

Which means trust your own creativity. You can turn anything into whatever you see fit. You like drinking soda? You can turn that soda (mentally) into an elixir of healing or whatever

As long as you believe it to be what you desire–so shall it be! Wrong and right are determined by the person that views it as such. So all in all Magick is a personal tool for self discovery, knowledge, wisdom, and fun! So enjoy it, but also be responsible for your own actions

In Closing

I hope this helps anyone who’s reading this. Magick is fun for what it is but is not the end all be all. Self discovery is the true magick since learning is never ending even through death

Be sure to do your own research for your understanding of magick, as it is only as powerful as its user. Perhaps you’ll come across information that contradicts what I say and that’s okay. Truth is also relative to the person and I may even contradict myself at times!

So if you have any questions or comments, leave them below. And special announcement, I am doing FREE Tarot Readings for the time being! Donations are also appreciated but not a requirement

Use this time now to learn what your spirit guides want to tell you so you can progress on your path. And just know I don’t want you all coming back with the same question because I leave you with the tools to put the steering wheel in your hands

If interested check out the Contact Page for info on how to reach me and as always thank you for reading!

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