How to use Sigils

Welcome, starting as of now I’ll be sharing more occult information as I stated in my last article. I will also share any books or lectures I’ve listened to that have helped me along my journey, and I encourage everyone to always do your research as well

To start, sigils are classified as chaos magic in the sense that the practitioner uses their own creativity in rituals to fulfill a desire. There are many ways you can use a sigil and I’ll explain a couple, followed by my own experience. Lets begin

Chaos Star
Chaos Star

Chaos Magic: The Basics

Chaos magic, to make it simple, is to try whatever works for you. Whether it be using candles, meditation, deities, sigils, etc. This is where improvisation may come into play if you lack the materials needed. Remember, the only thing you need to convince to make your magic work is your own mind. ( All is mind, universe is mental)

This image above is what you can classify as a symbol(sigil) for chaos. Notice the many different directions the arrows are pointing, symbolizing the endless amount of paths you can take when doing chaos magic. There are no rules or morals involved when doing this type of magic, hence: chaos!

Now, just know that everyone is different, so each and every person has their own beliefs and personal morals unique to them. With that said, whatever you choose to do with your rituals are solely up to you. Good and bad are relative to each person, so what’s good to you may not be for another person ( further proves the point in doing what’s best for you!)

In my opinion, having a different view on spirituality is what makes spirituality, spirituality

Sigils: A brief explanation

What a sigil essentially is, is a magician’s written desire made into a symbol or image. For example, say you desired prosperity in your life. You would write something along the effect of:

“I Desire Prosperity”

What I have learned to do is to speak it into existence as if I already have it, which helps it manifest faster, as compared to wishing for it. The reason being is that if you keep wishing for something as if you lack it, you’ll subconsciously feel as if you don’t have it within you to attract it, also sending out to the universe you wish you had it. So to avoid that lack of abundance mindset:

“I Am Prosperous”

What other magicians suggest, is that you remove all vowels and repeated letters. But only if you choose to do so. I ended up with:


( I know the P and the S are repeated, this is just an example) So, after you remove the letters, get a writing utensil and something to write on that you can dispose of later. What you do is turn the letters “MPS” into whatever amalgamation you choose. It doesn’t have to look perfect if you’re not that good at drawing, like me, for example. Just do your best

This is what a completed sigil would look like. An abstract picture representing your desire. Don’t worry if it takes many attempts for your sigil to look right to you, take your time. Its always important to remember to enjoy yourself when doing magic, don’t take yourself too seriously and have fun with it

Sigils: Charging and Activating

Ethanol Flame
Ethanol flame

The second part in performing sigil magic is charging and activating your sigil. When manifesting your desires with this magic, or, any type of magic in general, you want to forget about the ritual after its complete, in order for the universe to manifest it. “A watched pot never boils”

Ways you can charge it:

  • Meditating on sigil
  • Chanting on sigil
  • Masturbating on to sigil while focusing on it
  • Putting sigil in sun or moonlight
  • Submerging sigil in water
  • Focusing on the sigil while being in an intense emotional state

The list of ways you can do so are endless, so just choose what feels right to you. Now, as for activating your sigil its pretty similar to charging, but the end result is you disposing of it and going about your day. You can burn it, bury it, flush it down the toilet, etc. Just get rid of it, and trust that your magic will work

A good way to take your mind off of thinking about the meaning of your sigil, is to make more than one for each desire you have, and waiting a few days before you activate them. That way your conscious mind wont get in the way of affecting the process

Thank you for reading!
Thank you for reading !

I hoped you all enjoyed this brief lesson in sigil magic, but remember, always research for a better overall understanding. I will link two good books on sigils below, on Amazon, that you can check out. As always, thank you for reading and have a good day!

Practical Sigil Magic by Frater U. D.

Adventures in Sex Magick by Damon Brand

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