Law of Action: Work towards success

Hello everyone glad you returned. This topic is going to be about not only making goals but also making sure you follow through in what you need to do to bring them into fruition! Essentially you get out what you put in, and sometimes a miracle can happen which gives you instant access to whatever it is you’re aiming for

But in order to achieve some goals it requires diligent work and effort on your part. Meaning the universe won’t write that book for you! Take action to open those doors to success,wealth, riches, and whatever your dreams are

The time is now, so lets not waste anymore and get right into it

The Law of Action

This law isn’t a law by itself, and what I mean is that its a subsidiary of the Law of Cause and Effect–which is one of the 7 Hermetic Laws. The law of cause and effect states that every effect has a cause, and every cause has an effect

I wrote about this in an older post and I won’t get too in-depth on this one, so for more information on that click here

The law of action is basically a reminder that physical work is still required while the universal/spiritual energies align things for you. The popular analogy of, “You can lead a horse to water, but cant make it drink” is the comparison I’m using–just put yourself in the Horse’s horseshoes

So yes, you do have your part to play in being the spark to your stardom. The first step before taking action however, is to have the correct idea as to what you want first, followed by the belief you can achieve it. (All is Mind, Universe is Mental)

Now that you have that correct idea and belief to achieve it, you must do your part to do the correct actions necessary to achieve your goals

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I’m kidding but of course i’d appreciate it. The true secret to attaining all those things is to first believe in yourself. If you don’t believe its in you to achieve it, you won’t. And if you don’t think its possible for you to have it, you’ll never grasp it

What actions should I take?

This is mostly a question you should ask yourself. Taking action could mean getting rid of any toxic mindsets or habits. Or you may have to let some friends or family who aren’t supportive out of your circle. Love them from a distance if you must

Are you feeling doubt in yourself and your abilities? Program your mind for success, confidence, and any other desirable trait to shift the universe in your favor with affirmations

Not sure what your passion or talents are? Look within for the answers. Everyone has a talent or gift and sometimes its right in front of your face, just have to observe yourself and your surroundings


Hopefully this article was a big help or reminder to get you into action. Yes, it’s nice to dream and plan things out but the true question is are you going to take those steps for that journey?

Thank you all for reading and have a good rest of your day

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