Magical attitude of Gratitude

Hello again and welcome to this topic on gratitude.This attitude you can adopt will be the most beneficial in regards to living a more happy, abundant, and joyful life. The power of being thankful is a topic and idea not really expressed upon, and that’s understandable based on certain people’s living conditions

Not many know they have the power to change the situations they are living in–into one they desire. Most just accept where they are and deal with the pain that comes along, but, it doesn’t have to be like that at all

The real obstacle between the life you want to live and achieving it is your own mind. And the real question everyone should ask themselves is this:

Am I willing and open to changing myself to allow those blessings to manifest?

If you’ve answered no then I guess you accept where you are and are comfortable in that position. I wish you the best

As for those who answered yes, follow me down this journey in the rabbit hole towards the secrets of living a fulfilling life–whatever that may mean to you!

The Reflection in the Mirror

A Mirror Art & Language / CC BY-SA (
A Mirror Art & Language / CC BY-SA (

Before solving any problem its always important you find the root cause. The root serves as the foundation as to where the other ‘symptoms’ appear, and its always found by pointing that observation inwards–in this case at least

Finding the patterns within your own mind which stops you from receiving the blessings you want, can stem from many influential sources whether it be friends,parents, or even your own self-doubt. If you don’t believe you’re worthy of receiving wealth, health, and all the other wonderful blessings of life guess what you’ll get?


If you say in your prayers; which are just affirmations towards your own mind; that you’re not worthy of the blessings you want, then your prayers will be answered swiftly–with lack!

No disrespect if you are a religious person, but if you tell your God even you aren’t worthy, what makes you think He/She won’t agree with you?

So if you’ve discovered those problems its time to move on to the next step–solving them!

Reprogramming Your Mind

To reprogram those self-doubting thoughts are simple. I’ll share affirmations that you can all do, or you can come up with your own off my examples. The first affirmation I’d like you all to repeat:

“I am worthy to be rich, wealthy, loved, and abundant.”

Make sure you say it like you mean it and feel you do deserve it! Repeat at least three times

For the next one:

“I am opening myself to all the blessings and goodness of life (or God, if you prefer).”

Repeat these words as many times as you need to set your foot down and tell life exactly what it is you want and expect. Now that you’ve reprogrammed your mind, its time to make a declaration:

“There’s only blessings and growth from here and onward.”

You’ve made it this far, there’s no looking back. Its now onward to the next step

Morning Routine

Same way you practice to get better at something is the same way you must be to keep those blessings manifesting. So I’ll share with you my morning routine which gets my day started. I’ve learned that life gives you exactly what it is you tell it, so I announce this:

“I am starting today with a mindset of health.” And behold I will get exactly that–good health. You can say multiple things you’d like, such as wealth, love, prosperity, joy. You name it

Repeat this every morning before starting your day. Why you ask? Its to program your subconscious into forming the reality you want to live in. Manifesting Heaven on Earth

Repetition is one of the many ways you can program your mind so program it with the things you desire

Gratitude Opens Doors

Success is near!
Success is near!

I bet you’re wondering what all of this has to do with gratitude. To answer that, if you weren’t thankful or happy with what you had before you made the declaration, then you’d just be manifesting what you don’t want. You were doing that before anyways!

Don’t take that joke to heart

Having an attitude of gratitude manifests exactly what you’re thankful for multiplied. I’m always thankful for the blessings and abundance of the things I have and continue to receive, and its a continuous cycle! A cycle that you deserve too

And to conclude this with a final affirmation you all can add to your daily routine:

“I am thankful for the blessings I receive that are in continuous cycle of increase and enjoyment.”


I want to thank you all for reading this far, I really appreciate each and everyone–newcomers included. These affirmations are only as powerful as you believe them to be. These words use the Hermetic Laws to full effect

If you aren’t familiar with those laws click here for my article on the first law

Also I’m in the works to create a new subheading for personal stories. These stories will be spiritual experiences I’ve had with deities, faeries, ancestors, and many more. Stay Tuned!

Lastly, this article was inspired by the late Reverend Ike who preached about how to live a life of prosperity. He has many recordings on how to live such a life and how to reprogram your mind for success on his website

Thank you all again for your time and have a good rest of your day!

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