How to Master your Emotions

Welcome back returning viewers, new viewers, and those of you just browsing the web. Today’s topic is on self-mastery, specifically with controlling emotions. Mastering emotions are a tricky task which I struggle with at times

Of course there are situations when we must express ourselves, but mastering your emotions more-so deals with not having them control your actions

There are many techniques you can find on the web to help you control your emotions, but for this topic I’m sharing a bit of information which helped me to gain a new perspective in order to help me ‘grab the wheel’ on this journey called life

But enough of the intro lets begin!

Chakras: The source of emotions

The 7 Chakras - By Xxglennxx
The 7 Chakras by Xxglennxx

Starting off, I’d like to make an honorable mention to my older posts on the chakras and how to balance them out. I won’t give a full breakdown of each chakra but you can get more details for each one starting with the Root Chakra by clicking here

Mastering your emotions can be as difficult as trying to catch a fish in water, even more-so if you aren’t familiar with the energetic centers tied to them. To keep it brief i’m going to list all 7 chakras and their roles in our lives

  • Root Chakra – its focus is stability, security, and basic needs (i.e. food,water, shelter)
  • Sacral Chakra – deals with sexuality, relationships, pleasure, and creativity
  • Solar Plexus – when balanced exudes confidence (with no arrogance), self-motivated, and have a sense of purpose
  • Heart Chakra – focuses on unconditional love, compassion, and joy. (Is the bridge between the lower and higher chakras)
  • Throat Chakra – powers self expression, creativity, and artistic side. Responsible for making decisions and speaking up for yourself
  • Third Eye Chakra – center of intuition and other psychic abilities
  • Crown Chakra – Gives access to higher states of consciousness, universal consciousness

Each of these chakras control a certain aspect of our emotional well-being and has its physical counterpart in our bodies through the endocrine system and nervous system. I’m not well-versed in the technical aspect of that, I’m more practical

But for more info on the physical aspect of chakras check out:

Continuing on each of these chakras, when balanced, brings equilibrium spiritually and physically. That’s to say, if one of these chakras are out of balance, then not only a mental effect will take place–there will be a physical effect as well

(All illnesses or ailments stems from a spiritual(mental) cause, just for future reference!)

Most people’s chakra systems are imbalanced or even overactive. For example, an imbalanced Root Chakra is caused by fear and trauma. But the other chakras can be imbalanced by trauma as well–not just the root

As for when a chakra is overactive–using the Heart Chakra as an example–the signs include a dependence on others for fulfillment, jealousy, needing acceptance of others, and so on

Many of the imbalances in the chakras are common among many people and at times we may fall ill to these as well. So if you feel off or notice that there are negative thought patterns in your psyche, perhaps one of your energy centers need a little balancing out

For more information on the symptoms of imbalanced chakras click here

Act or Reaction?

Decisions decisions...
Decisions decisions…

Everyone has experienced moments that caused an uproar of emotions. It happens to the best of us. However there’s a thin line between acting on your own accord and reacting based on whatever emotion is present

Emotions aren’t good nor bad they’re just that–energy in motion. The tricky thing about controlling your emotions is making the right choice. So when there’s a situation that has made you furious and puts you in a position with an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other, it takes a great deal of self control to not listen to the devil!

In these situations listening to the voice of reason isn’t the route the ego wants to take. It’s imperative you ask yourself the consequences of each decision you make in an emotional bout, to then come to a sound decision, and act on the best decision possible

And I hope it’s a decision that doesn’t get you in trouble or in danger in the long run!

Of course every situation is different and there are times when you need to borrow the horns and pitchfork– just don’t let your emotions turn a candle flame into a culdesac bonfire


To conclude, there will be many, many situations that test your resolve, patience, and even your character. I do my best to turn these incidents into a learning moment–a test if you will. A test of personal willpower to not let anything get me to react out of emotion

After all, if someone can control you with your emotions you’ll forever be a slave

Thank you for reading as always, I hope this leaves you with a guideline to help you make the best choice(s) for yourself in tense situations

Have a good day!

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