Soul Mates: Lovers or Teachers?

Welcome back everyone! I’m sure you all have some sort of understanding of Soul Mates and all of the above, however, there’s more to soulmates than just being the “perfect” partner in your life

So, without further ado, let me elaborate on this topic

Swans on the river
Swans on the river

What is a soulmate?

In case you don’t know, a soulmate, by general definition, is the ideal romantic partner or close friend. Soulmates signify a connection deeper than just the physical body, meaning that the connection lasts even through death

With that said, you and your soulmate have gone through many lives, even switching genders, or, perhaps being the same gender. What’s not too commonly discussed is that soulmates can be parents, abusers, healers, teachers, etc.

On a mundane level, a soulmate as an abuser sounds terrible, I know. However, due to humanity not being perfect, this can happen to any and everybody. On a metaphysical perspective, everyone has chosen the life they will incarnate to live as, no matter how bad or good it may be. Its key to remember that we are spiritual beings having a human experience

Soulmates: catalysts for learning

Metamorphosis of a Butterfly
Metamorphosis of a Butterfly

When following any spiritual path, I compare it to a Caterpillar evolving into a Butterfly. As the Universal Law of Polarity explains, “…all truths are but half truths.” To make it simple, no one will know everything because all information is fragmented in some shape or form. We not only learn from books, but also from each other and the world around us

As I mentioned in the previous section, though a soulmate can be an abuser, they can also reincarnate into the current life you’re living to come and right their wrongs. Which means they can help you heal from a previous lifetime which is most likely causing problems in your current one

This of course is just an example, and the many different experiences vary. Your soulmate can also be your parent, as strange as that sounds, and I don’t mean in a romantic way. But regardless, the same advice goes. As a parent, your soulmate can teach you something you may not have known in a past life, so that you can learn and utilize in this current one

Soulmate or Kindred spirit?

Everyone has soulmates, that is true. But, not all soulmates incarnate in the same life. Some may choose to stay in the spiritual realms( Astral world, other dimensions, etc), which means instead of getting together with them, you may get together with a kindred spirit

What is a kindred spirit? By textbook definition, they are simply someone who shares similar interests or attitudes. That said, yes, you have a soulmate, but, that doesn’t mean you will marry them. You most likely will get together with a kindred spirit. Which isn’t anything bad, it just means in this life you won’t be together with your soul’s other half

Soulmate misconceptions

While a soulmate is an ideal partner, many people don’t really know what a soul is. A soul can be vaguely described as the divine spark of infinite light. Why is this important you ask? How can you expect to find your equal opposite half if you don’t know who you are? Two halves make a whole, however, if you don’t have knowledge of self, then are you worthy of your other half?

Let me add in that when I say half, I don’t mean that anyone is incomplete without their soulmate. As spiritual beings, we’re all capable of being complete individually. That’s why its important to work on healing yourself in order to allow all the blessings to manifest in your life, and, maybe even your soulmate

Many people seem to believe that your soulmate is someone who is identical to them in every way possible. That’s not 100% accurate, simply because of the Law of Polarity. If someone is your soulmate, then that means they are your equal opposite half that compliments who you are on every level. And I mean that in a general and spiritual sense

Yin & Yang
Yin & Yang

I hope this article shed some light on the extra details on what a soulmate is and isn’t. Remember to not limit yourself in knowledge or else that one subject will become your prison. Stay open and receptive to new ideas to embrace growth and blessings. And always, do your research

Thank you for reading!

Altar Magick: The Basics

My own makeshift altar
My own makeshift altar

Greetings, I’m sure you can tell already but today’s topic is on Altar Magick. Its a pretty simple process to set one up and utilize for your own benefit. All you really need is your own intuition and some basic knowledge on altars

The altar you see above is my own little concoction of deities, candles, etc. You don’t have to have it look like mines, be creative and unique. Now that that introduction is out of the way, lets get into what an altar is used for and the basic materials needed

What is an altar?

For all of you religious folk(past and present), an altar in church is similar to the one I have for example. They’re both used to communicate with spirits/energies; or, in a religious setting, their idea of a higher power. The main difference I would say is in intention

An altar in a religious setting is used to ask God for help in whatever situation they may need. Whereas an altar used for magick purposes works like an exchange: You give the spirits an offering(energy), and in return they help you with whatever it is you want done. Simple right?

Note for the latter for using an altar, I didn’t say “ask” for help. That’s because when you pray to an energy asking for help, you’re putting yourself in a subservient position which means that that spirit/”higher power” has dominion over you. But, do as you wish

Materials needed for an altar

Now we are getting to the fun part. Ultimately, what you decide to put on an altar is up to you, so, the most important tool you need is your own intuition. The basic symbols(for the elements) that you can use goes as followed:

  • Candles- represents the element of fire
  • Incense- represents the element of air
  • Water- I’m sure there’s no explanation needed
  • Earth- there’s many things you can choose to represent this element. (I.E. coins, rocks/stones, food, etc.)

If needed, be sure to research other symbols/objects you can use for your altar, and, I can’t stress this enough: If your intuition urges you to put anything on your altar, do it!

Other materials you can use are statues or symbols of any deity you choose to work with. Just to name a few that are paying rent on mine are Hathor, Osiris, Lakshmi, Shiva, Chango, and Sekhmet. Feel free to choose from the hundreds of deities out there, the list is literally endless

Another very useful energy to work with are passed relatives, friends, or anybody you want to work with that has passed on to the spiritual realm. Their body may be gone, but their spirit still lives on(remember, energy can’t be created or destroyed, only transformed)

You can put things that your loved ones liked while they were still alive on your altar as offerings too. Another thing to note is that since they experienced human lives, they know the struggles you’re facing or may face, unlike the deities

Extra tips and optional materials

  • In my experience, you can offer the ancestors/deities anything you like to eat or drink. I wouldn’t want to eat the same thing every day, and I’m sure they wouldn’t either. Be open to offer any and everything you like or you feel they may like
  • When giving out offerings, be sure to light a candle or two so that those energies know you’re giving them out. You wouldn’t mail your friend’s if you know they didn’t have mailboxes, right? Same thing applies, the exception would be if your intuition tells you otherwise, and if so, do it. Its your altar after all
  • Another thing I like to offer is something called Ancestor money, or Hell notes. Its spiritual currency you burn so that your loved ones can receive and use in the afterlife, which in return they’ll help you in the physical. Feel free to burn some for your deities as well
  • If you don’t know what a libation is, its basically pouring out a drink offering to any ancestor or deity. You don’t always need a picture of a deity or ancestor to work with them, simply saying their names work as well
  • Finding any deities you’re already connected to to give offerings is beneficial as well. If you don’t know who has a connection with you, get the book, Deity Linkage by S. Ali Meyers, to help. You may see or search up a deity that you feel is calling to you and trying to get your attention. Trust your gut feeling in this process
Planet in the universe
Planet in the universe

That’s pretty much the basics of setting up your own altar. Have fun, be creative, and trust yourself in the process. If you would like to vote on any topics for me to write about, feel free to follow me on my Instagram

Other than that, thank you all for reading!

My Journey Into the Occult

Hello readers. I know, it’s been awhile. But, fret not, more posts will be coming soon. I appreciate each and everyone’s patience on waiting for these

Now as requested, I will briefly go over how I got started on this journey. Maybe my story will help you start on your path, or further motivate you to stay on yours. As long as you get something from this short autobiography that’s all that matters

History or His Story?

Medical Missionary attending a sick African
Medical Missionary attending a sick African

I would say it was around my Middle school to High school years where I had my initial revelations and breakthroughs. Perfect timing, considering I was more recluse, due to my Mother moving around a lot from her being in the military. So, as you can guess I didn’t have too many friends starting off

I would say being a loner was a double edged sword. On one hand, I learned how to be self sufficient, but on the other, I isolated myself so much so–that others would see me as a little weird or awkward

Not having too many friends, all I had was time to myself. Time to learn, grow, and evolve. And it all started in History class, specifically when it was time to talk about Slavery and the Slave Trade. The one thing I recall every time they talked about the whole ordeal, were the European missionaries coming into Africa and converting them to Christians

That stuck with me. The reason being is because that would mean the Africans didn’t believe in a Jesus, and they had their own belief system. A couple years passed and I found out about a documentary called Hidden Colors, by Tariq Nasheed. I learned not only about the hidden history of my ancestors, but some metaphysical principles they held as well

One of the teachers in that documentary, Phil Valentine, really caught my interest in that stage of my life. Turns out he’s been lecturing for years and has many videos of his work on YouTube; which of course I watched them all( mostly). Little did I know, that was just the beginning

The road to the Abyss

The Qabalah (Kabbalah) tree with the hidden Sefirot Da'at
The Qabalah (Kabbalah) tree with the hidden Sefirot Da’at(knowledge)

Listening to hours and hours of lectures broadened my perspective of everyday life. When you get on this solo path, you learn something that most people don’t know: The reality we live in, is just a dream(or the matrix, if you’re movie savvy)

This was a big realization to me, especially at such a young age. So much information I was digesting and there was no one I could truly talk to at that time. Going to school was somewhat tricky, I made plenty of friends, but of course I had to blend in. At least at that stage of my life

But I’d say around my junior year of High School is when I started to express my beliefs a bit more. And to my surprise, I didn’t lose any friends due to the difference in opinions. My family of course questioned me, but they still respected my journey to the best of their abilities

It was also around that time I experienced my first out of body experience( OBE). I recall the lecture I listened to right before it happened: Bobby Hemmit: Satan The Ultimate Darkside Power. This was also the first lecture I’ve ever seen by Bobby, thus making me take a dive into the “abyss”

Since this was my first lecture on the occult, I didn’t know what to expect. I still had the old religious concept of Satan, and I was of course hesitant. After listening and comprehending as best I could, this one statement is what triggered this energetic shift that caused my astral projection: “You are Satan”

The Never Ending Journey of Enlightenment

By Ad Meskens - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,
By Ad Meskens – Own work

Horakhty- “Horus on the Horizons”

A few years have passed, since that time and now, obviously, and its a never ending process of self discovery and enlightenment. Like the teacher Bobby Hemmit once said, “If you don’t contradict yourself, you aren’t growing”

Over the years, I’ve learned to stand strong in my own knowledge not caring what people I offend. It may simply mean they aren’t ready for the message in this lifetime, so I leave them be

The image above is of the Great Sphinx in Egypt called Horakhty- Horus on the Horizons. Which symbolizes Horus being the master of both the spiritual and physical planes. I would say this is the goal while being on the physical plane, but it is not the end all be all. The real goal is to break out of the matrix and cycle of reincarnation, and go back to the real world

However, that’s a topic for another time. I must thank all of you for wanting to know a bit about my journey and life. Before we part ways, I’m going to link one of the first books I’ve read, The Historical Origins of Christianity by Walter Williams. It helped me in reprogramming my mind, maybe it’ll help you too?

Thank you for reading!


How to use Sigils

Welcome, starting as of now I’ll be sharing more occult information as I stated in my last article. I will also share any books or lectures I’ve listened to that have helped me along my journey, and I encourage everyone to always do your research as well

To start, sigils are classified as chaos magic in the sense that the practitioner uses their own creativity in rituals to fulfill a desire. There are many ways you can use a sigil and I’ll explain a couple, followed by my own experience. Lets begin

Chaos Star
Chaos Star

Chaos Magic: The Basics

Chaos magic, to make it simple, is to try whatever works for you. Whether it be using candles, meditation, deities, sigils, etc. This is where improvisation may come into play if you lack the materials needed. Remember, the only thing you need to convince to make your magic work is your own mind. ( All is mind, universe is mental)

This image above is what you can classify as a symbol(sigil) for chaos. Notice the many different directions the arrows are pointing, symbolizing the endless amount of paths you can take when doing chaos magic. There are no rules or morals involved when doing this type of magic, hence: chaos!

Now, just know that everyone is different, so each and every person has their own beliefs and personal morals unique to them. With that said, whatever you choose to do with your rituals are solely up to you. Good and bad are relative to each person, so what’s good to you may not be for another person ( further proves the point in doing what’s best for you!)

In my opinion, having a different view on spirituality is what makes spirituality, spirituality

Sigils: A brief explanation

What a sigil essentially is, is a magician’s written desire made into a symbol or image. For example, say you desired prosperity in your life. You would write something along the effect of:

“I Desire Prosperity”

What I have learned to do is to speak it into existence as if I already have it, which helps it manifest faster, as compared to wishing for it. The reason being is that if you keep wishing for something as if you lack it, you’ll subconsciously feel as if you don’t have it within you to attract it, also sending out to the universe you wish you had it. So to avoid that lack of abundance mindset:

“I Am Prosperous”

What other magicians suggest, is that you remove all vowels and repeated letters. But only if you choose to do so. I ended up with:


( I know the P and the S are repeated, this is just an example) So, after you remove the letters, get a writing utensil and something to write on that you can dispose of later. What you do is turn the letters “MPS” into whatever amalgamation you choose. It doesn’t have to look perfect if you’re not that good at drawing, like me, for example. Just do your best

This is what a completed sigil would look like. An abstract picture representing your desire. Don’t worry if it takes many attempts for your sigil to look right to you, take your time. Its always important to remember to enjoy yourself when doing magic, don’t take yourself too seriously and have fun with it

Sigils: Charging and Activating

Ethanol Flame
Ethanol flame

The second part in performing sigil magic is charging and activating your sigil. When manifesting your desires with this magic, or, any type of magic in general, you want to forget about the ritual after its complete, in order for the universe to manifest it. “A watched pot never boils”

Ways you can charge it:

  • Meditating on sigil
  • Chanting on sigil
  • Masturbating on to sigil while focusing on it
  • Putting sigil in sun or moonlight
  • Submerging sigil in water
  • Focusing on the sigil while being in an intense emotional state

The list of ways you can do so are endless, so just choose what feels right to you. Now, as for activating your sigil its pretty similar to charging, but the end result is you disposing of it and going about your day. You can burn it, bury it, flush it down the toilet, etc. Just get rid of it, and trust that your magic will work

A good way to take your mind off of thinking about the meaning of your sigil, is to make more than one for each desire you have, and waiting a few days before you activate them. That way your conscious mind wont get in the way of affecting the process

Thank you for reading!
Thank you for reading !

I hoped you all enjoyed this brief lesson in sigil magic, but remember, always research for a better overall understanding. I will link two good books on sigils below, on Amazon, that you can check out. As always, thank you for reading and have a good day!

Practical Sigil Magic by Frater U. D.

Adventures in Sex Magick by Damon Brand

The Mandela Effect

Hello, and welcome back. If you’re wondering what exactly the Mandela Effect is, then I’ll do my best to explain it to you, dear reader!

With that said I’ll provide my own perspective, and I suggest you do your research to get your own as well. Lets get into it!

What is the Mandela Effect?

Mandela Effect
Mandela Effect

“The Mandela Effect refers to when a large number of people share a false memory, originally attributed to the existence of multiple universes”– via

This is a basic definition of this anomaly, however, the “share a false memory” part of it should be questioned. It may be an attempt to downplay this thing, in order to keep the fact that there have been slight changes

For as to where the name, The Mandela Effect, originates, it comes from the late South African president, Nelson Mandela. The reason why is because many people in different countries remember him dying in prison in the 1980s; instead of  becoming president, and dying from illness

Due to many other changes of reality, there are many examples to choose from to form your own opinion. Such as the lines in the movie Forrest Gump, which he says, “Life was like a box of chocolates”, instead of, “Life is like a box of chocolates.”

Furthermore, some scriptures have even changed, such as Isaiah 65:25, where wolf has been put in place of lion. The verse before the change read as, “The lion and the lamb shall dwell together”; it now reads, “The wolf and the lamb shall feed together…”

Other examples include the JIF Peanut Butter logo being remembered as “Jiffy Peanut Butter”; Darth Vader saying to Luke Skywalker, “No, I am your father”, instead of, “Luke, I am your father.” The list can go on, and I implore you all to research and discover this yourselves. Its truly mind-blowing

How is this happening?

D Wave
D Wave

I originally learned about the Mandela Effect, in detail, from an Occultist named Brother Panic in his video: The Manipulation of our reality(The Mandela Effect, D-wave); in which he explains how there are different realities based on many different choices a person can make( viewer discretion advised). He references a quantum super computer which was created that can pull information from these different realities called the D-wave

From my understanding, this super computer can simulate different outcomes based on a certain problem its given and choose the optimal route to take. This is an interesting thing to read upon, because this computer is mimicking our own “super computer”, which is the subconscious mind, as Brother Panic states

With that said, “they” are capable, and have, changed tiny, minuscule things in the past which have caused a frenzy amongst the people. Who knows what may change next

Should we be worried?

That’s a yes, and a no, in my opinion. Yes, for some, because “they” can alter the past, and cause these changes, which also changes a persons memories, and therefore their reality

No, because, since we have our own “super computer” we notice these changes, and we can “program” our reality to stay out of harms way

The only way I see people not being affected is by using magic. Magic, in the sense that we can alter our own realities to where we see fit, with our subconscious minds. But to a person on the outside looking in, to them: it’s magic!

Closing Thoughts


Now I know this information isn’t for everyone, so, just know I’m only talking to those who are on the same vibration so-to-speak. I deal more with the occult, which is hidden knowledge, or, you can say knowledge of self

The image above is of the Baphomet, which is one of many occult symbols. If the image above scares you leave the page. For those who stay I’ll briefly describe what the many symbols in this image means:

  • The flame atop of the Baphomet’s head represents an awaken pineal gland
  • The wings on its back represents the souls aspiration towards a higher reality, transcending the human condition
  • Its hands pointing up and down represents the Law of Correspondence: “as above so below…”
  • The serpent in its lap represents rising kundalini energy

As to why I decided to break down some of these symbols, is to mark a starting point into me delving into more occult topics. So yes, I’ll be dealing with what some may see as “evil”, or “satanic”, but they aren’t wrong in an occult perspective

Lastly, I thank all of you who have joined me this far, and will continue to in the future. Thank you for reading and leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Decoding Dreams

Hello again and welcome back!

This article will be on how you can decode dreams on your own. As you may know, you are unique, so your dreams can be interpreted in many different ways, by different people, and it may become confusing. So it’s best that you work with your intuition to discover the meanings

Lets get right into it

Dreaming Soul- adoreluna
Dreaming Soul- adoreluna

What are Dreams?

Simply put, they are messages from our subconscious mind regarding anything that we were thinking when we fell asleep, or situations in our life that we need clarity on, etc.

That’s right, dreams are just a conversation between you and your subconscious, or any higher intelligence you communicate with. As I’ve learned, the subconscious doesn’t use words to convey a message, it uses symbols as metaphors and figurative language when giving insight on circumstances

Death Tarot Card
Death Tarot Card

Dreams: Symbolic or Literal?

A dream is symbolic and sometimes it is literal. For the most part, you shouldn’t take what happens in yours as literal, but as an exaggerated way of your mind telling you what’s going on. The Tarot card, Death, for example, isn’t about literal death–it’s about cycles or phases in ones life coming to an end for a new one to take its place

The same thing applies to dreams when decoding the symbols in them. Dreams involving water usually symbolizes your emotions; whereas dreams of you protecting something/someone could be you protecting a part of yourself

Decoding a Dream

The easiest way for me to show you a way to decode dreams is to give an example. Don’t worry, this is all hypothetical:

In this dream, you are running around with your friends on a nice sunny day, playing baseball. You brought your favorite bat to the park, and you’re getting ready to hit the ball into the clear blue sky. Famous MLB players compliment your skills and urge you to become a professional. Everyone around you wants you to succeed and are cheering you on

As the dream is going well, there’s a nagging feeling for you to “open your eyes”, and with each blink you take, the scenery and feeling of the dream alter to something more cynical. You feel a cool breeze on your skin, which urges you to look up at the sky. With a shock, you see that the sun was replaced with dark clouds hinting at a storm

The field where your friends were is now tattered, with many of whom you trusted running off with your belongings–including your bat! As you chase after the one who has it, you find that they eventually have you cornered and trapped, by design. Stepping closer to you with a menacing look on their face, you can’t believe your eyes. It’s one of your closest friends whom you thought you could trust

The closer they step towards you, the more you know what will happen next. As your “bat-stabbing” friend winds your prized possession back, ready to swing, you see dollar signs illuminate within their pupils. The bat is swung, stopping only inches from your face, as it fades away along with your perpetrator

You’re brought to a peaceful abode, where the sun is setting on a golden path above the clouds–led by a calm, wise, turtle. Each step you see it take, albeit slowly and carefully, brings it steadily closer to a bright soothing light at the end of its journey

Now, I’ll list the “symbols” in this “dream”, which are your true and fake friends, your bat, and your turtle. Your true friends would represent those who are honest and supportive. The bat could represent any skills or talents you have(or maybe you have a passion for baseball). The fake friends are in it for the money and other selfish reasons. And lastly, the turtle could either represent yourself or your intuition(or any other higher intelligence)

Overall, the meaning could be this: Chase your dreams, not as the hare–as the turtle. Take steady, careful steps towards your goals. Listen to sound, and supportive advice from your true friends, and be wary of those with selfish desires

I hope my example shed light on how you too, can learn to decode your dreams. I know not all dreams will be as easy to decode, and that’s okay. It may take a day, a week, perhaps a month or longer for you to discover meanings to yours as it does mine

Which is a perfect time to mention dream journals, where you obviously write down each dream you have to check back on later. Researching what a symbol means is helpful, however, everyone has a different perspective on what it means to them. So trust your intuition to decode them, whether that means how they make you feel or what you think it means according to your situation

Feel free to leave comments about this post and if you’d like check out my other articles. As always, thank you for reading!

All about Deities

This article will, of course, be about deities in the sense of how they work, how you can work with them, and many more

Everyone has their own idea of what a deity is and what it means to them, so this is me just offering my own perspective. As there is no limit to “God”, there is also no limit to the many truths many of us may have

If you haven’t seen my other posts feel free to check them out. Other than that, lets get right into it

Hindu goddess Kali
Hindu goddess Kali

What is a Deity?

By textbook definition, a deity is a god or goddess in a polytheistic belief system. Many cultures follow a polytheistic system such as the ancient Egyptians, the Hindus, ancient Greece, etc.

Many Gods and Goddesses are associated with nature, or, you can say, are aspects of nature itself. Which is why there are solar deities, earth deities, rain deities, and so on. Essentially, people used these deities to aid them in their times of need, or to battle their adversaries

Some individuals may choose to  worship their own deities in order to build a relationship with them, and to use the deities’ power. I’m not going to look down upon other people’s decisions to work with these deities, because they’re doing what’s best for them

In my opinion, deities are different types of energies that people can use to help them in life’s upsets.They all reside within us, so there’s no need for us worship them, just as the Law of Correspondence states, “As above, so below..”


What deities can I use?

The short answer: Any

Ultimately, whatever deity that interests you, is most likely one that’s connected to you. This does not mean you can’t use other deities, only that its energy influences you and makes you who you are as a person

In a general sense, many deities with similar attributes are the same, but with different names. As the saying goes, “Energy doesn’t die, it transforms”, so essentially these energies transform to newer, fresher versions of themselves

Some cultures even call on their ancestors to aid them as well. They don’t see death as an end, but as a natural process of life and a gateway to higher realms of consciousness. So that means you can use any relatives or any friends that have ascended to help you out, especially since they know what its like to live a human life as opposed to these deities

Meditating monk
Meditating monk

How do I call on and use a Deities’ energy ?

There are many ways you can call on a deity to use its power. A simple way is to meditate on a deities’ symbols, repeat their mantra, or meditate with focus on said deity. Other pagan groups may disagree by saying you must go through their initiation process to use a specific deities’ energy, but, that’s not true unless you believe you need to

Offering food and pouring libations(your beverage of choice) to them is a very simple task to do . I highly suggest using this method for working with your ancestors and deities in order to establish a good relationship with these energies. Basically, you do them a favor, and they do you one back

Many Gods and Goddesses have different functions, you can’t expect a love deity to help you bring revenue to a business. So choose your God/Goddess that specialize in what you need to have done, and they will do their part in the spiritual, while you do yours in the physical. Don’t expect to not have to do your part when wanting results, that’ll be like you expecting the microwave to put  food in itself and setting its time. Its a joint effort on both ends


God particle
God particle

How do I find Deities connected to me?

Typically, you can break down your name and birthdate to a single number for each area of your life called your Life Path, Gift, Expression, and Soul Urge numbers. An excellent book to guide you with this, which is one I have in my collection, is called Deity Linkage Manual by S. Ali Myers

In this book, he walks you through calculating your numbers, and has lists of deities associated with those numbers. (And If you’d like, feel free to check out his website, which has plenty of information on different topics)

This is how you use numerology to find your deities, but, as I’ve said earlier, a God or Goddess that you find interesting may be a sign of that deity trying to catch your attention, and let you know it has a connection to you. Trust your intuition

Last Words
Last Words

Always be careful and do research on these deities before working with them. Repeating myself, these Gods and Goddesses never lived a human life, so you must be very specific with what you want them to do for you; which is why I suggest giving offerings to your ancestors

Thank you all for reading and stay tuned for the next one !

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