Mastering Emotions: Key to self control

Welcome back returning viewers, new viewers, and those of you just browsing the web. Today’s topic is on self-mastery, specifically with controlling emotions. Mastering emotions are a tricky task which I struggle with at times

Of course there are situations when we must express ourselves, but mastering your emotions more-so deals with not having them control your actions

There are many techniques you can find on the web to help you control your emotions, but for this topic I’m sharing a bit of information which helped me to gain a new perspective in order to help me ‘grab the wheel’ on this journey called life

But enough of the intro lets begin!

Chakras: The source of emotions

The 7 Chakras - By Xxglennxx
The 7 Chakras by Xxglennxx

Starting off, I’d like to make an honorable mention to my older posts on the chakras and how to balance them out. I won’t give a full breakdown of each chakra but you can get more details for each one starting with the Root Chakra by clicking here

Mastering your emotions can be as difficult as trying to catch a fish in water, even more-so if you aren’t familiar with the energetic centers tied to them. To keep it brief i’m going to list all 7 chakras and their roles in our lives

  • Root Chakra – its focus is stability, security, and basic needs (i.e. food,water, shelter)
  • Sacral Chakra – deals with sexuality, relationships, pleasure, and creativity
  • Solar Plexus – when balanced exudes confidence (with no arrogance), self-motivated, and have a sense of purpose
  • Heart Chakra – focuses on unconditional love, compassion, and joy. (Is the bridge between the lower and higher chakras)
  • Throat Chakra – powers self expression, creativity, and artistic side. Responsible for making decisions and speaking up for yourself
  • Third Eye Chakra – center of intuition and other psychic abilities
  • Crown Chakra – Gives access to higher states of consciousness, universal consciousness

Each of these chakras control a certain aspect of our emotional well-being and has its physical counterpart in our bodies through the endocrine system and nervous system. I’m not well-versed in the technical aspect of that, I’m more practical

But for more info on the physical aspect of chakras check out:

Continuing on each of these chakras, when balanced, brings equilibrium spiritually and physically. That’s to say, if one of these chakras are out of balance, then not only a mental effect will take place–there will be a physical effect as well

(All illnesses or ailments stems from a spiritual(mental) cause, just for future reference!)

Most people’s chakra systems are imbalanced or even overactive. For example, an imbalanced Root Chakra is caused by fear and trauma. But the other chakras can be imbalanced by trauma as well–not just the root

As for when a chakra is overactive–using the Heart Chakra as an example–the signs include a dependence on others for fulfillment, jealousy, needing acceptance of others, and so on

Many of the imbalances in the chakras are common among many people and at times we may fall ill to these as well. So if you feel off or notice that there are negative thought patterns in your psyche, perhaps one of your energy centers need a little balancing out

For more information on the symptoms of imbalanced chakras click here

Act or Reaction?

Decisions decisions...
Decisions decisions…

Everyone has experienced moments that caused an uproar of emotions. It happens to the best of us. However there’s a thin line between acting on your own accord and reacting based on whatever emotion is present

Emotions aren’t good nor bad they’re just that–energy in motion. The tricky thing about controlling your emotions is making the right choice. So when there’s a situation that has made you furious and puts you in a position with an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other, it takes a great deal of self control to not listen to the devil!

In these situations listening to the voice of reason isn’t the route the ego wants to take. It’s imperative you ask yourself the consequences of each decision you make in an emotional bout, to then come to a sound decision, and act on the best decision possible

And I hope it’s a decision that doesn’t get you in trouble or in danger in the long run!

Of course every situation is different and there are times when you need to borrow the horns and pitchfork– just don’t let your emotions turn a candle flame into a culdesac bonfire


To conclude, there will be many, many situations that test your resolve, patience, and even your character. I do my best to turn these incidents into a learning moment–a test if you will. A test of personal willpower to not let anything get me to react out of emotion

After all, if someone can control you with your emotions you’ll forever be a slave

Thank you for reading as always, I hope this leaves you with a guideline to help you make the best choice(s) for yourself in tense situations

Have a good day!

Magical attitude for gratitude

Hello again and welcome to this topic on gratitude.This attitude you can adopt will be the most beneficial in regards to living a more happy, abundant, and joyful life. The power of being thankful is a topic and idea not really expressed upon, and that’s understandable based on certain people’s living conditions

Not many know they have the power to change the situations they are living in–into one they desire. Most just accept where they are and deal with the pain that comes along, but, it doesn’t have to be like that at all

The real obstacle between the life you want to live and achieving it is your own mind. And the real question everyone should ask themselves is this:

Am I willing and open to changing myself to allow those blessings to manifest?

If you’ve answered no then I guess you accept where you are and are comfortable in that position. I wish you the best

As for those who answered yes, follow me down this journey in the rabbit hole towards the secrets of living a fulfilling life–whatever that may mean to you!

The Reflection in the Mirror

A Mirror Art & Language / CC BY-SA (
A Mirror Art & Language / CC BY-SA (

Before solving any problem its always important you find the root cause. The root serves as the foundation as to where the other ‘symptoms’ appear, and its always found by pointing that observation inwards–in this case at least

Finding the patterns within your own mind which stops you from receiving the blessings you want, can stem from many influential sources whether it be friends,parents, or even your own self-doubt. If you don’t believe you’re worthy of receiving wealth, health, and all the other wonderful blessings of life guess what you’ll get?


If you say in your prayers; which are just affirmations towards your own mind; that you’re not worthy of the blessings you want, then your prayers will be answered swiftly–with lack!

No disrespect if you are a religious person, but if you tell your God even you aren’t worthy, what makes you think He/She won’t agree with you?

So if you’ve discovered those problems its time to move on to the next step–solving them!

Reprogramming Your Mind

To reprogram those self-doubting thoughts are simple. I’ll share affirmations that you can all do, or you can come up with your own off my examples. The first affirmation I’d like you all to repeat:

“I am worthy to be rich, wealthy, loved, and abundant.”

Make sure you say it like you mean it and feel you do deserve it! Repeat at least three times

For the next one:

“I am opening myself to all the blessings and goodness of life (or God, if you prefer).”

Repeat these words as many times as you need to set your foot down and tell life exactly what it is you want and expect. Now that you’ve reprogrammed your mind, its time to make a declaration:

“There’s only blessings and growth from here and onward.”

You’ve made it this far, there’s no looking back. Its now onward to the next step

Morning Routine

Same way you practice to get better at something is the same way you must be to keep those blessings manifesting. So I’ll share with you my morning routine which gets my day started. I’ve learned that life gives you exactly what it is you tell it, so I announce this:

“I am starting today with a mindset of health.” And behold I will get exactly that–good health. You can say multiple things you’d like, such as wealth, love, prosperity, joy. You name it

Repeat this every morning before starting your day. Why you ask? Its to program your subconscious into forming the reality you want to live in. Manifesting Heaven on Earth

Repetition is one of the many ways you can program your mind so program it with the things you desire

Gratitude Opens Doors

Success is near!
Success is near!

I bet you’re wondering what all of this has to do with gratitude. To answer that, if you weren’t thankful or happy with what you had before you made the declaration, then you’d just be manifesting what you don’t want. You were doing that before anyways!

Don’t take that joke to heart

Having an attitude of gratitude manifests exactly what you’re thankful for multiplied. I’m always thankful for the blessings and abundance of the things I have and continue to receive, and its a continuous cycle! A cycle that you deserve too

And to conclude this with a final affirmation you all can add to your daily routine:

“I am thankful for the blessings I receive that are in continuous cycle of increase and enjoyment.”


I want to thank you all for reading this far, I really appreciate each and everyone–newcomers included. These affirmations are only as powerful as you believe them to be. These words use the Hermetic Laws to full effect

If you aren’t familiar with those laws click here for my article on the first law

Also I’m in the works to create a new subheading for personal stories. These stories will be spiritual experiences I’ve had with deities, faeries, ancestors, and many more. Stay Tuned!

Lastly, this article was inspired by the late Reverend Ike who preached about how to live a life of prosperity. He has many recordings on how to live such a life and how to reprogram your mind for success on his website

Thank you all again for your time and have a good rest of your day!

Tobacco & Marijuana: Gateway to Spirits

Greetings everyone, I’m sure that title got your attention so I won’t make this intro too long. This is a topic I notice isn’t really talked about unless you have done some research

These two plants, which are widely known, are used on a daily basis by majority of the people on Earth. Little is known about the spiritual effects of using these mediums and how they can affect your spirit–which in turn shapes your reality

I plan to give a little insight and technique on how to use this for spiritual knowledge or any desire you may have. Lets start shall we?

Mix of Cannabis and Tobacco By Jaymz Campbell - self-made, CC BY 3.0,
Mix of Cannabis and Tobacco By Jaymz Campbell – self-made, CC BY 3.0,

Smoke Signals: Communicating with Spirit

To begin, I’d like to point out in this post that when I say spirits, I mean them as purely energy. Technically that’s what they (and we!) are made of. There are “good” and “bad” spirits, depending on your concept of those terms

If you aren’t familiar with the 7 Hermetic Laws, I’d suggest checking out my older post on the Law of Mentalism and the Law of Polarity for a basic understanding since I will be using them on this post

Tobacco has a long history of use, most recently with the Indigenous Americans and their ritual use of the plant. The use of tobacco in their ceremonies were for communication to their Creator. Similar to using Ancestor Money for communing with your passed loved ones, the prayers said in their ceremonies were absorbed by the smoke and sent to the sky to be received by the heavenly powers

As for marijuana, its uses were similar among many cultures such as Ancient China and the Hindus in India as it was used for spiritual knowledge and was known for its relaxing and euphoric effects

Its safe to say that spirit and smoke are synonymous with each other and its pretty powerful with a strong intention. Smoke represents the air element which connects to spirits and is one of the four elements needed on an altar–represented by incense

For information on how to make your own altar click here

Intention: The double-edged sword

Intention is, and should be, the first step when deciding to do any spiritual work. Don’t be vague when doing so, or you will risk getting an outcome you did not want. For example, you may ask for money and receive a penny

The universe is funny like that–got to love a good sense of humor!

Most people who smoke do so with unconscious intentions such as taking your mind off someone or something. Considering the previous section, those smoke signals tell those Heavenly Powers exactly what you asked for–even if it was an unconscious decision!

So everyone pushed to smoke due to stress, anger, and other negative reasons attract that same energy (spirit) towards them. That is the Law of Mentalism at work. If they want to attract the polar opposite they simply have to change their polarity with their mind

Changing your Polarity

Polarity symbolized by the Scales
Polarity symbolized by the Scales

If life gives you lemons, make lemonade”, said by almost everyone I know

Though this line is cliche, it subtly explains how to use the Law of Polarity to your advantage. Life isn’t perfect and there will be situations and people who drive you insane, however its how you decide to act that dictates the end result!

Mastering this takes patience, along with mastering the other Hermetic Laws. But doing so puts you in control of your life, so I’d say its worth it. The easiest way you can change your polarity is by simply changing the way you think. Turn your down-times into lessons instead of reoccurring obstacles

Had a “bad” day at work? Try making your night a good one, perhaps with ice cream. That usually puts me in a good mood, at least until a brain freeze sneaks up on me

Life doesn’t have to be unfair, or a place where you’re unhappy all the time. Its meant to be enjoyed to the fullest, so make it your playground


Before sending you off, consider using positive intentions when having a smoke. Tell yourself you’re opening up to blessings, abundance, happiness and joy as you exhale. So when it’s time to reap what you sew, it’ll be a wonderful harvest

Thank you all for reading and if you have questions, comments, or just want to say Hi, leave them below!

Check out my resources for more information on what I discussed above

Resources – On His Patreon is a lecture by Bro. Raswell on Marijuana. Definitely something to check out

tools for spiritual transformation

Ladies and gentlemen of the inter-web, its time I share what spiritual tools I use (and are currently using) to help me along my path of transformation. I’ll be leaving a brief description of these items but you can find the full information by following the links to these products

I purchased most of these items from Amazon, but you can find them in other places as well. Now that the intro is out the way lets start off with the first tool: Tiger Balm!

Tiger Balm

Tiger Balm for meditation and help opening Pineal Gland photo by Steffen Buus Kristensen
Tiger Balm for meditation photo by Steffen Buus Kristensen

Normally this balm is used for pain relief, but I’ve learned that this is good for meditative focus and helping to open the Pineal Gland from Brother Panic, check out his work here. This product contains menthol which is good to use in meditation and other activities requiring your undivided attention

This balm is not meant to be ingested so disclaimer: Do Not Ingest! All you need is a little bit on the tip of your finger and apply it on to your forehead in your Third Eye chakra area

You can find this product on Amazon or even your local grocery stores for some. I found some at my grocery store so be sure to look first before ordering. Saves you time and money, isn’t that great?

Click here to Order

Solomon The King

Solomon the King, who is known in the bible as wealthy and wise–the story most of us should be familiar about. On this site we use the bible in its esoteric sense. The name Solomon itself can be broken down for its metaphysical understanding, but that’s not the focus in this article. Want to learn more about it? Check out this blog!

If you’re familiar with the 72 Goetic Demons (Daemons), King Solomon was said to capture those demons and seal them in a ring. Metaphysically the 72 demons represent the 72 chakras on the pineal gland and the pineal gland represents the ring those energies are sealed within

I don’t mean to get off topic again, but this is an important prerequisite if you decide to work with those energies and the talismans I’ll talk about. For more information on that topic you can check out Wikipedia and this book

Pentacles from the Key of Solomon

These talismans I’ll share with you are taken from the Key of Solomon which describes the energies associated with the pendant. These pendants draw upon the energies(spirits) of the specific planet being used and there are many more than what I’m going to showcase. Feel free to explore and try any you find!

Pentacle of Jupiter:

Sixth and Seventh Pentacles of Jupiter

Next on the list is the pentacle of Jupiter.This talisman is used to protect from all earthly dangers; gives luck in gambling, business, and lawsuits; brings tranquility of mind, and many more

Now this doesn’t mean I go out and gamble every chance I get, I do however use this talisman to help me in regards to my finances and any business decisions

Order Jupiter Talisman here

Pentacle of The Sun

4th and 6th Pentacles of the Sun

The second Talisman on this list is the Pentacle of the Sun.This talisman is used to probe lies, provide invisibility (not literal), increase financial and physical health, etc.

This talisman is personally my favorite for not just the benefits, but this one works the instant I put it on. Perhaps this was made for me! Joking aside, each talisman is powerful in itself. I implore you to explore and find one that ‘calls’ to you. It may just be the one you need for the time being

Order Sun Talisman here

The Final Product: Atomic Ormus

Atomic Ormus

The Final product I have for you is Atomic Ormus. If you take anything away from this post, I suggest you check this supplement out. The benefits you receive is enough in itself, I’ll list a few here:

  • Decalcifies the Pineal Gland
  • Increases Memory and enhances critical thinking
  • Increased energy/libido

You should be able to tell I’m an avid supporter of this product, but it works for me and I’m sure it will help up your game spiritually as well. Give it a try!

Order Atomic Ormus here


The last piece of advice I can give and is one I’ll reiterate again: Don’t rely on these tools!

Yes these products are powerful and beneficial, but all you truly need is your own personal power. These are just here to assist you in the process of evolving. Self-sufficiency is the name of my game–you should add it to yours too

Thank you all for reading and if you have questions, comments, or any tools you use, comment below!

Healing: The hermit & Psychic Vampires

Hello and welcome again! If you’re new to my blog or you’re a returning supporter, I feel this topic is something everyone can learn and benefit from. Not because I’m writing about it, but because it’s a topic that everyone should have some basic understanding on. In fact I expect those of you wanting more information to research it yourselves

There’s plenty of great articles on the web about the information I’ll be sharing with you, so to start things off I’m going to talk briefly about Psychic Vampires. What does this have to do with healing you ask? Great question!

Embracing the Hermit within requires you to be introspective, not only about yourself (which is majority of your focus), but about any relationships that may be toxic to your well-being

Now, that that teaser has your interest let’s get into the “appetizer” of this article! Dracula, Psychic Vampire Dracula, Psychic Vampire

Psychic Vampires: Friend, Foe, Frenemies?

A psychic vampire is an individual who feeds off the energy of others. They can be family members, friends, coworkers and so on. They’re the ones who try and get on your nerves constantly, always vent to you about an issue, or, that coworker that you instinctively don’t like! The list can go on, but that’s the gist of it

The easiest victims for these vampires are the compassionate, caring, open-heart, don’t know when to say, “No”, individuals. Everyone or at least majority of you can relate to being drained after interacting with someone you know, but not all psychic vampires are conscious that they are draining people. It’s most likely a programming they put on themselves that they need to reprogram out of–I’ll go into more detail later

Protecting your energy from these individuals is easy and there are many tools you can use. I’ll share a list of crystals that are helpful in these situations:

  • Obsidian – absorbs negative energy and blocks psychic attacks
  • Crystal Quartz- neutralizes negative energy, amplifies energy and thoughts (check out rose crystal quartz)
  • Honorable mentions: Black tourmaline, Pyrite, Black Jade, (there’s many more–research!)

While we’re on the topic of getting rid of negative energy, there are two methods you can use to absorb and get rid of it in your house or room. One of them is to take some salt and put in the corners of your house. The reason being is that negative energy stores itself in those corners. Coincidentally (synchronicity), the corner is where parents and teachers alike send kids for bad behavior.

For the second method it is similar to the first, but instead of salt you use crushed up tobacco from cigars or any other mediums. The tobacco is also good for absorbing negative energy and spirits–consider using it especially if the energy feels off

Journey Of the Hermit

The Hermit By Pamela Coleman Smith - a 1909 card scanned by Holly Voley
The Hermit By Pamela Coleman Smith – a 1909 card scanned by Holly Voley

It’s now on to the main topic of this article: The Hermit.There’s no predicting when times like these arise–it just happens! And spending time with yourself is never a bad thing, especially since you’re the only one who knows yourself better than anyone

The symbolism in this Tarot Card is a time where self-reflection, healing, or contemplation takes place. It’s an important experience in learning more about yourself, what you need in your life, and who or what needs to see their way out! Isolating yourself can be seen by others as you not wanting to interact with them and that may not be the case in your situation

When times of isolation happen it’s your intuition (Higher self, Guardian Angel, etc) telling you to go into introspective mode. That means being mostly to yourself and not really letting the outside world in, at least not yet. And majority of the people you know won’t understand why you’re doing it even if you try to explain it!

That’s okay, not everyone is privy to this type of knowledge–only the few can comprehend it

As I mentioned earlier with people being stuck in programs, I mean it metaphorically. If you’re experiencing a time of isolation, perhaps it’s some behaviors that need to be brought to your attention for you to release. Those behaviors(programs) could be affecting you on a subliminal level–meaning its an automatic response(i.e. lack mindset, always putting yourself down, etc.). And the only way to fix it is to change it entirely

Or, if there’s a certain memory you have that traumatizes you, i’s time for you to overcome it and release that as well. Easier said than done of course, but healing isn’t always a straight path. Moving on, traumas can get stored in one of the 7 chakra’s, unbeknownst to some, which is why you can tell how some people are off

Most people’s chakra systems aren’t balanced, so learn from their example and make sure yours are aligned! I’ve done a few articles on balancing your chakra’s, so check those out on the site

I’ve done an article on techniques you can use to reprogram your mind as well, so use that resource as well

All in all, take time for yourself to balance out when needed. Because without a strong foundation everything can come crashing down. Thank you all for reading!

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