Ancestor Money: The basics

Starting off, this was a highly requested topic that people (who voted on my Instagram polls) wanted more information about. I’m not the end-all be-all of information, especially on this topic, but I can share my experience and what works for me

Don’t worry it’s all really simple–after all, you’re just communicating with family members who passed on to the next realm. Its a process of you help them and they help you. And perhaps when it’s your time to move on, your descendants will petition you for your wisdom and guidance. Now that the introduction is over we can move on to the fun part! I’m sure you’re all eagerly waiting and would like to get started as soon as possible

Ladies and Gentlemen I present: The basics of Ancestor Money (and working with them in general)

What is an Ancestor and how can they help?

An ancestor is simply anyone who we’ve descended from that are related to us by blood. This doesn’t mean you can’t work with anyone who isn’t related to you that has had a positive influence. A friend, an uncle, or anyone you can think of–you can give offerings to

Don’t stop there! Celebrities that have passed you can also work with. For me I have a few that made a significant impact: Michael Jackson, Prince, Muhammad Ali, Kobe Bryant, etc. 

I’m sure the gist is easy to get–just add whoever you want on your ancestor altars. Ancestor Altars? What are those you ask? Great question!

How to set up an Ancestor Altar

An ancestor altar is in its name–an altar for your ancestors. That way any offerings you put on your altar whether it be food, candy, alcohol (spirits love liquor), or anything they liked while they were alive. Feel free to give them things you like to eat and drink as well, they’re family!

Making an altar is a simple process that just requires your intuition and creativity. The basic altar set up is having the four elements symbolized by incense (air), candles (fire), a cup of water, and either literal rocks or crystals(or anything you feel represents earth). Feel free to use anything you think symbolizes the elements!

How am I supposed to give offerings you ask? Another great question!

Giving out offerings to the Ancestors

To give offerings to the ancestor is as simple as putting whatever food, drink, etc. on the altar with the intention that it’s for all of your ancestors that are known and unknown. That way you aren’t just giving energy to the people you know–we have a long(real long) line of ancestors, got to include them as well

When giving out offerings you can light a candle and incense to open up a gateway for them to come through and receive that energy. Its suggested you visualize a little “door” for them to come through and you may even feel a warmth around you or some other spiritual effect. Notice the subtle changes, that’s how you know your ancestors received what you gave them. If you’re just starting out you may or may not notice anything at first, but in time you will

After giving out offerings you can give a mental prayer thanking them for their help with protection, money, love, health, happiness–you get the idea. An attitude of gratitude will bring more of what you want/need into your life, basically speaking it into existence. Be thankful!

Now that you’re familiar with the basics, its time to talk about the main topic: Ancestor Money

Heaven/Hell Notes

Heaven/Hell notes are just another name for ancestor money. All you need is someplace to put them in to burn on your altar–like a flame resistant pot. Do be careful not to burn yourself, or your belongings, because I will not be held responsible

Disclaimer out the way, you repeat the same words as stated in the last subsection: “This is for my ancestors known and unknown.”

I notice when I burn it, my ancestors are right there and the paper burns up pretty fast. It may burn fast or it may not, just take your time to build your connection and eventually they’ll show up at a moments notice

That brings up the last topic and ending thoughts I’d like to leave you all with

Becoming your family’s spiritual ‘ambassador’

When doing spiritual work such as this or other mediums, you’ll notice a lot of spiritual events or synchronicities such as seeing repeated numbers, them showing up in dreams, or even someone just mentioning them and so on. These events are just the many ways your ancestors, Goddesses/Gods, spirits and so on can communicate with you

Be conscious of anything you feel may have spiritual significance because they are communicating with you always. Whether it’s helping you make a decision that’ll lead you to a new job, or to bring to attention people that aren’t helping you elevate to your best self. You decide what that message may mean!

If you’re doing this kind of work you will become the spiritual ambassador for your family, since you may be the only family member making that connection back to your ancestors. What this means is that the ancestors or any other friendly spirits will come help you first and then the rest of your family

In Closing…

Don’t think too hard on the process of building an altar, trust your gut. You can put anything you feel should go on it. I’d also suggest having a little notebook or journal and writing down the names of family that have passed so that they’ll come through by name. And also for any friends or celebrities you want to add

You can get ancestor money on Amazon for very fair prices, I’ll leave a link below for easy access. But Ladies and Gentlemen, that’s all the information I have for you today. Feel free to leave any comments or ask questions and I’ll do my best to respond in a timely manner

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful rest of your day!

Ancestor Money


The Zodiac: Christ Symbolism

Welcome back everybody, if you haven’t read my last article feel free to check that out here. I don’t say it just for easy promotion, but it does tie in to using the correct mindset for this topic, in a sense. You’ll understand more as I get into it so lets get started!

The Zodiac and Natal Charts

I’m sure everyone is familiar with the zodiac and their astrological signs at this point, so I’m not going to talk too much about it. The zodiac is an important astrological tool for metaphysical and physical growth. What I mean is, the zodiac signs are all innate energies within us representative of an aspect of our spiritual and human nature. So if you’re born in October (which I am) then you’re either a Libra/Scorpio depending on the date of your birth

Using my birth date as an example: October 19th–I’m a Libra obviously. Why is this example important? Glad you asked. Using something called a natal chart helped me to notice the other energies that influence the way I am from birth up to now. The natal chart reveals a lot of information that people can find useful and can help discover hidden influences in their lives

On my chart I discovered my rising, sun, and moon were all in Libra–so yeah, I’m influenced by that energy heavily but not limited to just that. I also have Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, and so on all throughout my natal chart which makes my personality (and more) the way it is

What you’ll discover in your chart are influences from different zodiac archetypes, which confirms that we’re not one dimensional. A good site that I used which is free is

The Christ symbolism

Moving on, the signs of the zodiac are symbolically related to the 12 disciples of Jesus Christ, with Jesus representing the point in the middle–the 13th symbol. The point in the middle is the sun, which is why esoterically the Christ is called the “sun” of God

Tying this into the zodiac, most believe they’re bound by the sign they’re born under–followed by the positive and negative aspects tied to it. On the other hand others embody not only their birth sign but the other energies as well. Nothing is right or wrong on this matter since we’re all on our own spiritual journey’s, but to become a Christ (for your own salvation, not for others to worship you) is to master all the energies and take control of your life for transformation into the higher spiritual realms

The positive and negative aspects of the signs represent our higher(spiritual) and lower(physical) nature. Mastery of your mind and emotional faculties help to keep them in balance. Yes there’s people who blame their signs (or others) for the way they behave, and its true, they can (and do!) behave that way. Or, you can take control, master them, and decide for yourself

Ultimately we’re the boss of whatever happens in our lives good or bad. That experience or lesson is there to help us become stronger in who we are, and we can’t move on until that lesson is learned. Easier said than done of course, but that’s why utilizing the Universal Laws followed by acquiring knowledge, wisdom, and understanding is vital for progress

The reason the first law of the Universe is the Law of Mentalism is because your mind is connected to it. I know I talk about the laws often, but you can’t ignore them if you’re living in this universe! Needless to say be mindful of everything

If you made it this far, thank you for reading!

I appreciate everyone who does and I’d greatly appreciate it if you left comments below. Let me know your thoughts and if I’m missing anything that you can add on to. I’m still learning like everyone else of course, so I may or may not touch up more on this topic in the future

Enjoy the rest of your day 🙂






How to use affirmations to change your reality

Hey there and welcome back everybody! It’s been a while since my last post, and I just want to say I’ve been busy. With all the events happening currently I’ve been in hermit mode, observing, learning, and evolving. But wait no longer!

The time has come for me to get back into blogger mode and I have many new ideas coming into fruition, for now, its time to get into the topic of the day which is affirmations

Lets begin

Cause and Effect

If you haven’t already, check out my article on the Universal Law of Cause and Effect. As stated in the law: “For every effect, there is a definite cause, likewise for every cause, there is a definite effect.” When dealing with affirmations, understanding this law, as well as the others, is imperative to getting a holistic understanding when working with this method and other mediums for programming your mind

For example, the easiest understanding of this law is like planting a seed in a garden. Of course, you’ll have to give it enough water and sunshine for it to grow into a healthy plant. Same goes with programming your mind. The seed can be your thoughts/affirmations that you use to plant in the garden, in which the garden represents your subconscious mind

Its important that you be aware of any thoughts or patterns that you use on a daily basis, some of those actions are serving you or being used against you–whether known to you or not. Your subconscious can’t discriminate between good or bad and it accepts every ‘seed’ you give it to grow in the ‘garden.’

Luckily for me, I grew up in a family that repeated the phrase, “Can’t isn’t in the dictionary.” Obviously it is, but i’m sure you get the anecdotal analogy here. What does all this have to do with cause and effect? Simple, you reap what you sew! The all is mind and universe is mental, so whatever seed you plant in your garden, expect a harvest, a.k.a. a change in your reality–the effect

Affirmations to program your mind

Now comes the fun part–deciding what you want to manifest! Its real simple to choose an affirmation, I’d prefer you come up with a phrase you can repeat over and over, or a single word to meditate upon. For some, they may be skeptical in using affirmations because it may not work for them, and that can be based on many factors with the main being the conscious mind

Your conscious mind, which is the one everyone uses for rational decision making and is the voice you hear doubting you, or, repeating negative thoughts and so on. The trick to getting passed it is to meditate on one word and the holistic meaning you apply to it

Lets use being rich/wealthy as an affirmative word. I’m sure everyone would love to be rich/wealthy–who wouldn’t? However, don’t limit the meaning towards monetary gains, because you can also be rich in happiness, joy, love, and so on. After all, money is energy called currency–a current which has to flow

So a simple meditation everyday for about 5 minutes on the concept of rich/wealthy will plant that seed into your mind. Doing it everyday will manifest exactly what you planted which is the effect: the harvest. Pretty simple right?

Its also effective to feel as if what you want is already in your life, since your mind cant tell the difference between what you imagine and what’s actually happening. Do your best to imagine the wealth you have and have fun with it–don’t strain yourself!

Another Method to use

This method is pretty similar to the last, in it, you speak of the life you want in the present moment. Such as, “I am wealthy”, or, “I am happy”, and, “I am going to share this website with my friends”, just to provide a few examples

This method works the same as the other, and you can repeat it in meditation or throughout your day. Its especially effective in countering those negative thoughts–so be aware

Final Tips

Before you all go I’d like to share some extra disclaimers. When using affirmations you don’t have to limit yourself to my examples alone, use ones that you feel is right. But make sure it’s in a positive structure. I wouldn’t use too many ‘I will’ statements because it would be putting whatever your goal is in a future context. For instance, “I will start a business.”

Yes it is a positive statement, however, it puts it in a future perspective. Which your subconscious will determine as a goal to be chased. You don’t want to chase goals, manifest them and have them come to you. Don’t “chase the bag”, have that bag come to you

Another thing is to be specific in what your manifesting. Saying, “I am manifesting money”, is a nice affirmation, however one cent is money as well. And since you didn’t give your mind a specific amount, it will give you exactly what you want and you’ll be one cent richer!

Side note: Be realistic in what your goals are. Some can manifest a million dollars by winning the lottery, but that doesn’t mean the same will happen to you

Thank you everyone for taking the time to read this, and I hope this helps you make the necessary changes you want to live a happier, healthy life. I’ll link two books you can get which helped me write this article, and i’ll always prefer you do personal research as well!

A Brief guide to Tarot Cards

Tarot Cards

Greetings people of the internet and happy new year to you all! I know it’s been a while since my last post, but, not to worry I am back. This article will be a brief explanation on Tarot Cards and its uses

Its key that after you get a gist of how to use these cards, you go and get an understanding for yourself. Meaning, more research on the subject and a hands on experience if you feel you’re ready. Not to worry though, it’s very simple once you get the hang of it

Lets dive in

Tarot Cards
Tarot Cards

What are Tarot Cards?

Tarot Cards are one of many divination tools used to give perspective on events relating to the past, present, or ever-changing future. A practitioner asks the cards (their intuition/deities/spirit guides etc.) a question relating to either a problem they have or a situation they would like perspective on

The cards give you a birds eye view of the situation, which can give you hints towards what you can do to change your current reality. It may either advise you to look into the past to release any hidden traumas, or into your present to let you know of any bad influences that need to be released, and so on

If you’re looking for what the near future may hold, it’ll give you an idea of what you can expect on the current path you’re taking, but, the future is ever changing so take your reading as a brief glimpse

Tarot Card Symbolism

Death Tarot Card
Death Tarot Card

If you recall my older post on Decoding Dreams, you’ll remember a picture showing the tarot card: Death. Though it may sound unnerving, that card can mean endings of a cycle or aspect of yourself, not literal death in some cases

For example, a child growing into an adult. In order for that to happen, childish behavior (and I don’t mean the creative aspect of a child, keep that!) must “die” in order for someone to grow into that role. I’m sure you get the gist

With that said, these cards can be symbols of events, people, and obstacles, etc. in your life. In order to figure out what a card may represent or mean, that’s where your own intuition comes into play. You use that inner voice of yours to discern the message the cards you pulled have given you.

Let me give you an example:

The Hanged Man by SammyDavisDog
The Hanged Man by SammyDavisDog

This card shows a man hanging by his foot with a look of content on his face despite his predicament. As you can see, he’s in no rush to free himself from the position he’s in. In a reading, this could mean that you should slow down and look at the position you’re in to make sense of everything. Or perhaps you have a lot on your mind and you should sit and rest before taking action

You may see different meanings for this card across the internet and that’s fine. A picture is worth a thousand words, so each and every person has their own perspective. Its imperative that you get your own understanding of these cards, so that when you are looking for that ‘bird eye’s view’, you can understand it in your own language

Also, it doesn’t hurt to get a general understanding of every card which you can find on the internet as well. Note: If a card doesn’t feel right, feel free to reshuffle and draw again. Trust yourself!

Counterfeit Tarot Readers

If you plan on getting a reading done by another person, its important that you choose the right people to give you accurate information. There are fake tarot readers who will give you basic information or information that’s pleasing to the ears. I’d advise you from going to these people so that you won’t get stuck in the money-grab hustle they have, and so that you get information that you need to hear

This will require your intuition as well, since no hustler will tell the hustled that they’re being played. I believe every person is capable of giving themselves a reading as long as they believe in their own abilities to do so. Of course, nothing’s wrong with getting a perspective from another person, because hearing information from the right person may help change your situation. Truth hurts and lies kill–same with good friends and bad ones

The Magician Tarot Card
The Magician Tarot Card

I’d like to thank you all for reading and I hope you got a good understanding of what these cards are used for and how to use them for yourselves. Remember to always do your own research so that you too, can be a tarot reader

That said, I am capable of giving you all readings if you desire one. Let me say that I won’t accept any and every request for a reading depending on the circumstances.

I will refuse to give you one at my own discretion, and I will only give you information that you can use to help yourself. I am not your personal guidance counselor, so if I give you the information provided from your own energy, I expect you to take that and build upon it yourself

If interested feel free to contact me via email or instagram:


Again thank you all for reading and have a wonderful rest of your day 🙂


Soul Mates: Lovers or Teachers?

Welcome back everyone! I’m sure you all have some sort of understanding of Soul Mates and all of the above, however, there’s more to soulmates than just being the “perfect” partner in your life

Lets begin!

Swans on the river
Swans on the river

What is a soulmate?

In case you don’t know, a soulmate, by general definition, is the ideal romantic partner or close friend. Soulmates signify a connection deeper than just the physical body, meaning that the connection lasts even through death

With that said, you and your soulmate have gone through many lives, even switching genders, or, perhaps being the same gender. What’s not too commonly discussed is that soulmates can be parents, abusers, healers, teachers, etc.

On a mundane level, a soulmate as an abuser sounds terrible, I know. However, due to humanity not being perfect, this can happen to any and everybody. On a metaphysical perspective, everyone has chosen the life they will incarnate to live as, no matter how bad or good it may be. Its key to remember that we are spiritual beings having a human experience

Soulmates: catalysts for learning

Metamorphosis of a Butterfly
Metamorphosis of a Butterfly

When following any spiritual path, I compare it to a Caterpillar evolving into a Butterfly. As the Universal Law of Polarity explains, “…all truths are but half truths.” To make it simple, no one will know everything because all information is fragmented in some shape or form. We not only learn from books, but also from each other and the world around us

As I mentioned in the previous section, though a soulmate can be an abuser, they can also reincarnate into the current life you’re living to come and right their wrongs. Which means they can help you heal from a previous lifetime which is most likely causing problems in your current one

This of course is just an example, and the many different experiences vary. Your soulmate can also be your parent, as strange as that sounds, and I don’t mean in a romantic way. But regardless, the same advice goes. As a parent, your soulmate can teach you something you may not have known in a past life, so that you can learn and utilize in this current one

Soulmate or Kindred spirit?

Everyone has soulmates, that is true. But, not all soulmates incarnate in the same life. Some may choose to stay in the spiritual realms (i.e. Astral World) which means instead of getting together with them, you may get together with a kindred spirit

What is a kindred spirit? By textbook definition, they are simply someone who shares similar interests or attitudes. That said, yes, you have a soulmate, but, that doesn’t mean you will marry them. You most likely will get together with a kindred spirit. Which isn’t anything bad, it just means in this life you won’t be together with your soul’s other half

Soulmate misconceptions

While a soulmate is an ideal partner, many people don’t really know what a soul is. A soul can be vaguely described as the divine spark of infinite light. Why is this important you ask? How can you expect to find your equal opposite half if you don’t know who you are? Two halves make a whole, however, if you don’t have knowledge of self, then are you worthy of your other half?

Let me add in that when I say half, I don’t mean that anyone is incomplete without their soulmate. As spiritual beings, we’re all capable of being complete individually. That’s why its important to work on healing yourself in order to allow all the blessings to manifest in your life, and, maybe even your soulmate

Many people seem to believe that your soulmate is someone who is identical to them in every way possible. That’s not 100% accurate, simply because of the Law of Polarity. If someone is your soulmate, then that means they are your equal opposite half that compliments who you are on every level. And I mean that in a general and spiritual sense

Yin & Yang
Yin & Yang

I hope this article shed some light on the extra details on what a soulmate is and isn’t. Remember to not limit yourself in knowledge or else that one subject will become your prison. Stay open and receptive to new ideas to embrace growth and blessings. And always, do your research

Thank you for reading!

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