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Welcome back everyone! I’m sure you all have some sort of understanding of Soul Mates and all of the above, however, there’s more to soulmates than just being the “perfect” partner in your life

Lets begin!

Swans on the river
Swans on the river

What is a soulmate?

In case you don’t know, a soulmate, by general definition, is the ideal romantic partner or close friend. Soulmates signify a connection deeper than just the physical body, meaning that the connection lasts even through death

With that said, you and your soulmate have gone through many lives, even switching genders, or, perhaps being the same gender. What’s not too commonly discussed is that soulmates can be parents, abusers, healers, teachers, etc.

On a mundane level, a soulmate as an abuser sounds terrible, I know. However, due to humanity not being perfect, this can happen to any and everybody. On a metaphysical perspective, everyone has chosen the life they will incarnate to live as, no matter how bad or good it may be. Its key to remember that we are spiritual beings having a human experience

Soulmates: catalysts for learning

Metamorphosis of a Butterfly
Metamorphosis of a Butterfly

When following any spiritual path, I compare it to a Caterpillar evolving into a Butterfly. As the Universal Law of Polarity explains, “…all truths are but half truths.” To make it simple, no one will know everything because all information is fragmented in some shape or form. We not only learn from books, but also from each other and the world around us

As I mentioned in the previous section, though a soulmate can be an abuser, they can also reincarnate into the current life you’re living to come and right their wrongs. Which means they can help you heal from a previous lifetime which is most likely causing problems in your current one

This of course is just an example, and the many different experiences vary. Your soulmate can also be your parent, as strange as that sounds, and I don’t mean in a romantic way. But regardless, the same advice goes. As a parent, your soulmate can teach you something you may not have known in a past life, so that you can learn and utilize in this current one

Soulmate or Kindred spirit?

Everyone has soulmates, that is true. But, not all soulmates incarnate in the same life. Some may choose to stay in the spiritual realms (i.e. Astral World) which means instead of getting together with them, you may get together with a kindred spirit

What is a kindred spirit? By textbook definition, they are simply someone who shares similar interests or attitudes. That said, yes, you have a soulmate, but, that doesn’t mean you will marry them. You most likely will get together with a kindred spirit. Which isn’t anything bad, it just means in this life you won’t be together with your soul’s other half

Soulmate misconceptions

While a soulmate is an ideal partner, many people don’t really know what a soul is. A soul can be vaguely described as the divine spark of infinite light. Why is this important you ask? How can you expect to find your equal opposite half if you don’t know who you are? Two halves make a whole, however, if you don’t have knowledge of self, then are you worthy of your other half?

Let me add in that when I say half, I don’t mean that anyone is incomplete without their soulmate. As spiritual beings, we’re all capable of being complete individually. That’s why its important to work on healing yourself in order to allow all the blessings to manifest in your life, and, maybe even your soulmate

Many people seem to believe that your soulmate is someone who is identical to them in every way possible. That’s not 100% accurate, simply because of the Law of Polarity. If someone is your soulmate, then that means they are your equal opposite half that compliments who you are on every level. And I mean that in a general and spiritual sense

Yin & Yang
Yin & Yang

I hope this article shed some light on the extra details on what a soulmate is and isn’t. Remember to not limit yourself in knowledge or else that one subject will become your prison. Stay open and receptive to new ideas to embrace growth and blessings. And always, do your research

Thank you for reading!

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