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tools for spiritual transformation

Ladies and gentlemen of the inter-web, its time I share what spiritual tools I use (and are currently using) to help me along my path of transformation. I’ll be leaving a brief description of these items but you can find the full information by… Continue Reading “tools for spiritual transformation”

Ancestor Money: The basics

Starting off, this was a highly requested topic that people (who voted on my Instagram polls) wanted more information about. I’m not the end-all be-all of information, especially on this topic, but I can share my experience and what works for me Don’t worry… Continue Reading “Ancestor Money: The basics”

Altar Magick: The Basics

Greetings, I’m sure you can tell already but today’s topic is on Altar Magick. Its a pretty simple process to set one up and utilize for your own benefit. All you really need is your own intuition and some basic knowledge on altars The… Continue Reading “Altar Magick: The Basics”

Meditation made easy

What is meditation? I’m glad you asked! To put it simply, meditation is all about calming the mind and bringing focus to your breath. It can also be seen as daydreaming (with a purpose), which works well with the Laws of the Universe.( I’ll… Continue Reading “Meditation made easy”

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