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Soul Mates: Lovers or Teachers?

Welcome back everyone! I’m sure you all have some sort of understanding of Soul Mates and all of the above, however, there’s more to soulmates than just being the “perfect” partner in your life Lets begin! What is a soulmate? In case you don’t…

Altar Magick: The Basics

Greetings, I’m sure you can tell already but today’s topic is on Altar Magick. Its a pretty simple process to set one up and utilize for your own benefit. All you really need is your own intuition and some basic knowledge on altars The…

The 7 Hermetic Laws: The Law of Mentalism

Greetings and welcome back! If you’re new to the site you’re welcome to check out my other posts on Meditation and Affirmations Now on to the current topic: The Laws of the Universe ; or, The 7 Hermetic Laws; or, any name that you…

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