Balancing the Root and Sacral Chakras

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Now, this topic will help a great many of you who may not know how these chakras affect us. More so on an emotional and spiritual level

I will, of course, try and keep these posts short, and easy to read for you all to digest


The 7 Chakras
The 7 Chakras

The chakras are energy centers in the etheric body which governs the body’s emotions, and helps regulates its organs

We all have these 7 chakras, whether some of us believe in them or not. There are some with balanced chakras, and, some that don’t have balanced chakras. Balancing these energies are paramount to good health emotionally, physically, and spiritually

Many don’t know that whenever a traumatic experience affects us, one of these chakras holds on to that trauma, until it is healed and released. That is why so many of us are sad, depressed, or have these blockages in our lives today.

No worries, healing yourselves and your chakras are easy to do as long as you stay dedicated, and, know, that for true healing, you must learn to love yourself as who you are

 (As a secret tip, the 7 chakras also share the same colors of the rainbow. You know, ROYGBIV)

Root Chakra
The Root Chakra

The 1st chakra, the Root, is at the base of the spine and its basic functions are, well, being the root or the foundation

The Root chakra governs our basic needs as human beings:

  • Security/safety
  • Survival
  • Food, Shelter, Water(basic needs)
  • Grounding and support for living

An imbalanced Root chakra exhibits a pessimistic outlook, eating disorders, greed, and feelings of being insecure or being in survival mode

A person who has an imbalanced root will be timid, or, cautious all of the time, always worrying about their security, or, concerns about their job

Basically living a life of fear

An overactive Root will turn fear into greed, or, create issues with food intake

To balance the Root chakra there are many ways you can do so. The simplest is meditating on, and, visualizing, the color red. You can also use  chakra stones that will balance out whichever chakra you’re working on


Connecting with nature, gardening, eating red colored foods, like fruits, can help as well

Affirmations you can use:

  • I am safe and secure
  • I trust myself
  • I love life
  • I am stable and grounded

Needless to say, the Root chakra should be the first chakra you work with, because, without a strong foundation(like a building)it will collapse on itself

Sacral Chakra
Sacral Chakra

The Sacral is the second chakra of the chakra system, which governs your passions and pleasures

This is the center of feelings, emotions, and sensuality just to name a few. It allows you to enjoy the moment and bask in its fullness

The sacral also fuels creativity, since it operates upon passion. Any, and everything you create, comes from the energy of the sacral, including giving birth to a child

Having a balanced Sacral includes:

  • Being passionate
  • Present in your body
  • Sensual
  • Creative
  • And connected to your feelings

Having an imbalanced Sacral causes:

  • Unemotional behavior
  • Uncertainty
  • Insecurity
  • Being unable to cope with changes in life

To balance the Sacral, you can meditate on , and visualize, the color orange. Eating orange colored foods, melons, and coconuts are good for healing the chakra too, as well as staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water

Affirmations you can use:

  • I love and enjoy my body
  • I am passionate
  • I am open to touch and closeness
  • I allow myself to experience pleasure

In conclusion, if you have problems opening up in a relationship, sexually and intimately, or believe that relationships lead to pain, your Sacral chakra may be closed–which makes it difficult to enjoy a relationship. However, if you’re comfortable with your sexuality and being touched — your sacral is open

One More Thing
one more thing

There are many more ways to heal these chakras than what I suggested. It is up to you whether you would like to discover any other alternatives

Alternatives including essential oils, yoga techniques, chakra stones, or even meditation music are great ways to balance your chakras as well

I always suggest reading books on the chakras to gain a broader perspective. Knowledge is power after all

Thank you for reading and enjoy the rest of your day!


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