The Law of Mentalism

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The 7 Hermetic Laws
The 7 Hermetic Laws

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The Laws of the Universe ; or, The 7 Hermetic Laws; or, any name that you may have heard elsewhere

The Hermetic Laws, or Laws of the Universe, are ‘rules’ that everyone and everything on this 3rd dimension follows, whether they are aware of it or not. They govern every, and any part of life’s existence, and keep the balance

Every law governs an aspect of life, and all work in tangent with each other. I will do my best and go through each law so you, dear reader, can understand how they work and how you can apply them to your life. Don’t worry, I will keep this as short and straightforward as possible to keep you engaged

Law of Attraction
Law of Attraction

The first law is the Law of mentalism , which states that the Mind is All and the Universe is mental

Which means that whatever you believe in, or think about constantly, will become true to you, and affect your reality. That includes positive and negative thoughts as well

Of course there may be people who will try and disprove this law, and say they wanted millions or billions of dollars, and unfortunately, it didn’t manifest.

The trick in to working with this law is with your own mind. You may say you want millions of dollars, but, somewhere in you, you may believe you don’t deserve it. While it is possible, people must be realistic with their selves if they want changes in their life

This law especially affects people who are constantly having negative thoughts. If you agree with yourself that, “I’m not good enough”, or, “My life never goes right”, etc., you’re also telling the universe. And as the law states, the mind is all, which means, consequently, “You reap what you sew”

The Universe
The Universe

Always do your own research, and don’t believe a thing I say, so that you can verify to yourself what this law means. I will link books to study and get a deeper understanding of, for this law, below. They are excellent and practical books, but remember they are not the only books with this information:

I’ll end part of this article-series with a cliffhanger, and continue onto part 2. Stay tuned and always, thank you for reading!

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