The Zodiac and the Christ

Welcome back everybody, if you haven’t read my last article feel free to check that out here. I don’t say it just for easy promotion, but it does tie in to using the correct mindset for this topic, in a sense. You’ll understand more as I get into it so lets get started!

The Zodiac and Natal Charts

I’m sure everyone is familiar with the zodiac and their astrological signs at this point, so I’m not going to talk too much about it. The zodiac is an important astrological tool for metaphysical and physical growth. What I mean is, the zodiac signs are all innate energies within us representative of an aspect of our spiritual and human nature. So if you’re born in October (which I am) then you’re either a Libra/Scorpio depending on the date of your birth

Using my birth date as an example: October 19th–I’m a Libra obviously. Why is this example important? Glad you asked. Using something called a natal chart helped me to notice the other energies that influence the way I am from birth up to now. The natal chart reveals a lot of information that people can find useful and can help discover hidden influences in their lives

On my chart I discovered my rising, sun, and moon were all in Libra–so yeah, I’m influenced by that energy heavily but not limited to just that. I also have Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, and so on all throughout my natal chart which makes my personality (and more) the way it is

What you’ll discover in your chart are influences from different zodiac archetypes, which confirms that we’re not one dimensional. A good site that I used which is free is

The Christ symbolism

Moving on, the signs of the zodiac are symbolically related to the 12 disciples of Jesus Christ, with Jesus representing the point in the middle–the 13th symbol. The point in the middle is the sun, which is why esoterically the Christ is called the “sun” of God

Tying this into the zodiac, most believe they’re bound by the sign they’re born under–followed by the positive and negative aspects tied to it. On the other hand others embody not only their birth sign but the other energies as well. Nothing is right or wrong on this matter since we’re all on our own spiritual journey’s, but to become a Christ (for your own salvation, not for others to worship you) is to master all the energies and take control of your life for transformation into the higher spiritual realms

The positive and negative aspects of the signs represent our higher(spiritual) and lower(physical) nature. Mastery of your mind and emotional faculties help to keep them in balance. Yes there’s people who blame their signs (or others) for the way they behave, and its true, they can (and do!) behave that way. Or, you can take control, master them, and decide for yourself

Ultimately we’re the boss of whatever happens in our lives good or bad. That experience or lesson is there to help us become stronger in who we are, and we can’t move on until that lesson is learned. Easier said than done of course, but that’s why utilizing the Universal Laws followed by acquiring knowledge, wisdom, and understanding is vital for progress

The reason the first law of the Universe is the Law of Mentalism is because your mind is connected to it. I know I talk about the laws often, but you can’t ignore them if you’re living in this universe! Needless to say be mindful of everything

If you made it this far, thank you for reading!

I appreciate everyone who does and I’d greatly appreciate it if you left comments below. Let me know your thoughts and if I’m missing anything that you can add on to. I’m still learning like everyone else of course, so I may or may not touch up more on this topic in the future

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